Name Merge Town
Publisher Gram Games
Size 75M
Latest Version 3.8.1
Platforms Android 5.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money/No ADS


Welcome to Merge Town (MOD, Unlimited Money/No ADS) – the unifying game between a simple and new building style from publisher Gram Games Limited. Unlike normal construction games, this game allows players to easily integrate buildings to bring their own economic resources quickly. If you’ve ever enjoyed a number of games that are constantly clicking on the screen like Merge Plane or Merge Dragons, it will be easy to get used to the gameplay this game brings in a short time. Merge Town is currently being released for free on both App Store and Google Play, which will help players to download the game and enjoy it easily. However, you should consult this article to understand more about this game before starting the experience.

Famous Merge puzzle style

You may not know, publisher Gram Games Limited has over 25 million installments of its Merge puzzle games worldwide and Merge Town has been launched to continue the success of previous products in this popular series. The gameplay of this game is relatively simple. You need to build different high-rise buildings to bring about economic profit to develop your residential area to become bigger and more crowded.

Initially, players will be provided with a container for a rather small apartment and it is also the first foundation to help you build residential development in the future. You should remember that after 10 seconds, there will be a ready bucket landing on the ground, so you need to touch the bin icon at the bottom of the experience screen to create another apartment in the town.

Merge buildings

What is special is that Merge Town allows players to merge between two buildings of the same shape to create a larger building and can make more profits during the experience. Gradually, you will have more buildings to serve residential development easier than ever. In addition, Merge Town’s buildings are integrated with unlimited unity capabilities to keep players interested and unable to take their eyes off the phone screen when starting the game.

Remember that every time you merge a building, you will get a certain amount of experience and gold coins that you have built. When accumulating the number of points required by the game, you will unlock extremely interesting features from games such as gift boxes, new lands, and shops.

In general, players only need to touch the building icon to drag them to the desired location to make the merging process easy.

Residential expansion

In Merge Town, players will not be able to provide too many land plots for the first time. With 6 available plots, you can only build up to 6 buildings in your town, making the residential expansion process slower than originally planned. Therefore, this game allows players to create many new buildings as well as produce more gold to expand their plots. You will spend a lot of money if you want to expand a new plot of land, so make a lot of money to create a crowded residential area thanks to your smart decisions. Note, if you own too many land plots, the price to pay to expand the next plot will be very high.

The store system is quite diverse

Merge Town gives players a relatively convenient system of stores to help you build your neighborhood more easily. Instead of waiting 10 seconds for the bin to recover and opening a building, you can buy the buildings you want through the store. The store sells almost all types of large and small buildings built into the game, so you can own yourself a satisfactory building depending on the amount of money you have. You should remember that if you buy a building too many times, its amount will increase significantly, which will cost you a lot of money to own it again. In addition, if you want to speed up the development of residential areas, you can deposit money directly into the game to own the buildings you want immediately.

Merge Town FAQs

  • I downloaded the MOD version but didn’t see any money and still see ads?

    This problem is due to the mechanism of the game. Do not worry.
    When you first open the game, you play through the tutorial, then exit the game and reopen, the MOD feature will be activated.

Familiar graphics style

Like previous products, Merge Town owns a beautiful 2D graphics format with clear picture quality that promises to not make you feel disappointed right from the first experience. The details in the game are invested relatively in terms of image, along with a bright color display system that contributes to creating a vivid experience environment right on your phone screen. Although owning the quality of eye-catching graphics, this game does not require too high in terms of the configuration of the experience device so you can enjoy the game in a stable way on many phones today.

The end

Merge Town is really an interesting game with idle play but still has a high level of entertainment for players during the experience. The game also integrates the quality of beautiful graphics to give you interesting moments of relaxation on your phone. In addition, Merge Town also has a system of random rewards which are gift boxes that give players the quality buildings to serve the development of residential areas become easier.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Merge Town! MOD APK or Merge Town! Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.