Name Marvel Super War
Publisher NetEase
Size 53M
Latest Version 1.6.0
Platforms Android+ iOS+
Price Free
MOD Features No


2019 was really an extremely successful year of Marvel cinema universe when the Avengers blockbuster: EndGame created a global fever after only a few days of premiere. Based on these conditions, Marvel Studio obviously wants to expand its market share to other areas and the mobile gaming market is no exception. Therefore, MARVEL Super War APK + OBB has been officially launched worldwide in recent times.

This is a game Marvel has joined with China’s top game company – NetEase to grow in all aspects, so you can be assured of the appeal that this game brings. In general, if you are too familiar with MOBA games in the current game market such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or Iron League, it will surely be easy to get familiar with MARVEL Super War’s gameplay. In this article, we will help you get a better overview of this game that is receiving a lot of interest.

These fierce 5vs5 battles

You may not know, MARVEL Super War is a combination of Marvel cinema universe and traditional MOBA style so you will be able to participate in real-time 5v5 battles with the goal of breaking the main house of an enemy. The game still brings three main attack directions for players to be the upper, middle and lower. Each direction of attack will be placed a lot of works to defend, so you need to break all buildings on the map if you want to attack the main house of the enemy. In addition, the forest is an extremely important position for both teams because if the player in the forest position is good enough, this team can put pressure on the entire map and make the enemy unable to keep up.

MARVEL Super War’s gameplay is very balanced, so players can freely play any character they like during the experience. In general, this game has high teamwork so you need to coordinate well with your teammates if you want to win. If the competition is too personal, the loss rate will be extremely high.

Meet familiar superheroes

True to its name, MARVEL Super War is a game of gathering superheroes and anti-heroes from the brand of Marvel cinema universe. You will be able to use characters from the Avengers team, the Milky Way Guards to the characters about to join a home like X-Men and Spider-Man to fight in fierce battles in traditional 5vs5 mode. As a game developed in MOBA style, MARVEL Super War is focused a lot on balance between characters and differentiation of difficulty depending on different skills. Typically, when using Deadpool, players can switch back and forth between melee and long range depending on certain situations or when you play Thor, you can rush forward and cause chaos for the enemy.

In particular, every superhero in MARVEL Super War Mobile can transform in order to create powerful combos, which will increase the depth of the skill set and add excitement to the players. The superhero system in the game will be divided into different roles such as gladiator, magician, assassin, support, and gunner. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself the missing positions in the squad and maximize the effectiveness that superheroes bring.

The supplementary table and jade have changed markedly

In order to create a balance for the game, the supplementary system has been removed in this game giving players a new feeling that the games of the same genre MOBA in the game market today. Instead, MARVEL Super War integrates the Buff system completely free of charge, meaning that everyone has the ability to start the game equally so you can be assured of the balance of this game. Therefore, players will not need to worry about “pay to win” in the important ranking matches that they participate in. As long as you participate in the game and learn thoroughly about the Buff system in the game, you can easily customize the support for each character very easily.

The graphics quality is extremely excellent

It can be seen that the graphics quality of MARVEL Super War is not inferior to any MOBA game in the game market today. Although it is only in the finishing stage, the graphics quality of this game has proved extremely excellent thanks to the built-in 3D platform, so the details are displayed extremely sharp and sympathetic for players right from the first experience. The system of characters is carefully elaborated in terms of the image so that it is similar to the original version as possible, along with with the extremely smooth transition effects that promise not to make you feel disappointed when enjoying the game.


If you are a fan of Marvel cinema universe, especially the familiar superheroes like Thor, Iron Man, Loki, Hulk, … surely you can not ignore the appearance of this game in the game current market. In addition, for fans of MOBA series, you can try MARVEL Super War to feel the difference that this game brings. This game is not yet officially released so you will have a lot of problems to download the game. However, the link APK below this article will help you solve this problem very quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download MARVEL Super War MOD APK or MARVEL Super War Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.