Name MARVEL Battle Lines
Publisher NEXON Company
Size 61M
Latest Version 2.22.0
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features X10 DMG/God Mode


MARVEL Battle Lines (MOD, X10 DMG/God Mode) has officially come to the gaming market not too long ago, and this game has received a lot of worldwide players’ attention due to the addictive nature of the game as well as the visual quality that it owned. The MARVEL Battle Lines are developed in an attractive tactical style, allowing players to control hundreds of superheroes from the MARVEL universe to perform extremely fierce and beautiful battles. You can rest assured about the appeal of this game when it is released by NEXON Company – the father of a series of famous products such as Point Blank: Strike or Darkness Rises, please refer to this article. Read more about the advantages that MARVEL Battle Lines bring offline.

Earth in danger

The background in MARVEL Battle Lines is quite similar to the movie version from MARVEL. The Earth is in danger of being threatened by the cosmic threats, especially the evil Thanos who has won six infinite stones and is about to turn everything into dust. Seeing the critical situation, you will have to gather a superhero team to stop his cruel plan. In the game, players will meet the familiar superheroes such as Thor, Vision, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, … you will direct them to try to win each battle. Will the earth stand up to attacks from the enemy? That depends a lot on your talent, so quickly download the game and protect the earth right now.

Search for superheroes fit

You need to collect for themselves like the best card to participate in the battles in the game. MARVEL Battle Lines also allow players to recruit villains to become a powerful assistant and optimize the power of each character brings. With an extremely diverse card system, players will have the opportunity to create different tactics in each game to make the opponent lose quickly.

The gameplay cards familiar format

Most of the superhero games are developed under the traditional role-playing genre to make it easy for players to experience the fun of playing the game. However, MARVEL Battle Lines is quite the opposite when it is integrated with the familiar card style, this is to limit the manipulation for the player but still bring the charm throughout the enjoyment.

The battles in the game will take place in the specified time, this is a battle of all players around the world through PvP mode. You can also participate in training or combat with the machine to practice adaptability in each battle, thereby drawing valuable experience to apply when playing against other players.

You will be starting the game with the four available cards, of course, these are the characters you have chosen before each battle to implement the tactics of your choice. Players can move leaves his post to the location specified to perform the operation attack the enemy immediately, please align mana very reasonable to help his character launched skill at appropriate.

Players need to come up with tactics to approach the match appropriately to gain an early advantage. You can arrange your cards in an L shape, 3 or 3 cells along the horizontal box to make the characters and attack the enemy immediately. The match ends when one of the two players returns to zero.

Design and sounds pretty good

The most unfortunate thing about MARVEL Battle Lines is that it only comes with 2.5D graphics, which is a huge drawback compared to other competitors. However, with the development of the character system in the style Comic from MARVEL will certainly make you feel very satisfied and enjoy. The characters in the game are portrayed quite successfully, along with the transition effects in the game are meticulously meticulous promises that players can not take their eyes off the screen experience.

The sound system in the game is relatively animated with attractive background music combined with the sound generated in each battle. You can feel fierce when characters perform skills or attacks often through the excellent sound quality that MARVEL Battle Lines brings.

The end

Although just released in recent times, what MARVEL Battle Lines brings really great. The game possesses impressive gameplay with a huge variety of heroes that will definitely make you unforgettable. If you are looking for a game style tokens combined with tactical elements, the MARVEL Battle Lines will be a perfect choice for you.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download MARVEL Battle Lines MOD APK or MARVEL Battle Lines Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.