Name Make Them Fight
Publisher Ketchapp
Size 6.6M
Latest Version 1.0.0
Platforms Android 2.3, iOS 5.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Continues series introducing simple category games from the publisher Ketchapp. In this article, I will help readers better understand the game Make Them Fight APK, although the gameplay is extremely simple but brings real challenges. Make Them Fight is a product developed and perfected by the well-known Katchapp publisher. Only been released a few days ago but is expected to help the publisher rise to the top position in the current time. The game possesses a very interesting and unique control system, which promises to bring suppression while experiencing. Known, the game Make Them Fight available on the Appstore and Google Play, allowing you to easily download games and experience them quickly. Find out some interesting highlights from this game.

Style fighting stickman

Style who sticks may not be too alien to players around the world. There are quite a few successful games with this familiar style. Hopefully, Make Them Fight will become one of the products on the market today thanks to this style. Publisher Ketchapp right when it comes to sticking to the game in a very sensible way, which will help highlight the traditional gameplay and create excitement for you when joining the game.

Simple gameplay features

Like other games from Ketchapp publisher, Make Them Fight offers very simple yet highly addictive gameplay. Players need to enjoy the game in the first few times to experience the fun that the game brings. The longer gameplay you experience, the more you will be attracted to it and will be less likely to stop playing the game for a short period of time. Are you ready to discover the fun that this game brings? Download the game and do it right away.

Your task in the game is to help your character survive the attack coming from the enemy. It sounds simple but when done it will be very difficult, players need to focus high in the game if not want to lose quickly. The first screens play will be relatively simple to help you get to know and master the operation the game brought. In the next challenges, things will be extremely intense and make the player always feel busy with the tasks assigned. You will have to protect up to 4 characters in front of the sharp darts from the opponent, players need to observe very carefully and make a wise decision to be able to win each screens play.

Action in Make Them Fight is quite simple, players only need to touch the screen to help characters launch the slash to destroy the darts are flying towards them. Take the right action and launch the attack properly to avoid too early or too late. Remember the character has only one life in the game if he is defeated it means you will get defeated and start everything from zero.

Real challenge

The difficulty of Make Them Fight will be increased significantly through the next game. You have to prepare everything to be ready to face the challenges that await you in the game. Protecting all four characters at the same time will be a very difficult challenge for the player, you must manipulate quickly and accurately to be able to pass as many screens as possible. This will help you achieve a high score in the game, thereby challenging the people around breaking the record created by yourself.

Extremely simple graphics and Vivid sound

Make Them Fight is integrated graphics quite simple, that allows players to enjoy great moments on their phone. By changing the colors in each game, this will give you a feeling of not being depressed during the game. The sound in Make Them Fight is simply the next “big” emitted when the player touches the screen. As I think, it is quite suitable for games that own simple gameplay and bring excitement to the player when playing.


The game Make Them Fight integrates a new style of operation that appeals to players from the very beginning. If you are looking for a game that can help you entertain in your spare time then Make Them Fight will be a very reasonable choice. Are you ready to conquer the challenges that await you in the game? Download the game via APK link below the article and do it right away.

Depending on your needs, you can download Make Them Fight MOD APK or Make Them Fight Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.