Name Magic Tiles 3
Publisher AMANOTES
Size 67M
Latest Version 6.91.005
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Lives


The music genre game combined with the traditional simple gameplay has been a “hot” game style in the present time. After the appearance of Helix Jump or Magic Tiles, the development of games by major publishers around the world has changed dramatically to bring the most interesting products to players. It can be seen that the publisher AMANOTES is one of the first flags in combining these two new but extremely classic styles. In this article, we will introduce you to Magic Tiles 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money/Lives) – is a product that features a bold combination but gives players a lot of fun to enjoy. Magic Tiles 3 is now becoming one of the most successful games in history with over 100,000,000 installations on Google Play, let us learn some special highlights from this game right away.

The unique way of development

The first highlight of Magic Tiles 3 is that the game was developed based on piano, combined with the melodies that catch the ears through popular songs all over the world. This is not too different from the same category, but AMANOTES publishers really know how to make their products stand out through a variety of unique built-in features. When participating in the game, players will be immersed in their favorite music, along with continuous manipulation to help the music track remain and uninterrupted during the experience. What are you waiting for? A lot of things are waiting for you in Magic Tiles 3. Download the game via the APK link below this article to explore now.

Familiar gameplay

Magic Tiles 3‘s gameplay is not too different from other games of the same genre, you will still have to manipulate the game’s tunes to be played continuously and stable. The player’s task is to touch the black bars available on the screen and avoid white lines if you don’t want to be defeated quickly. In general, the game does not equip any virtual keys during enjoyment. You just need to touch the screen to do what you want immediately.

Magic Tiles 3 is a special version of the hit Magic Tiles series around the world, so it is equipped with a lot of outstanding features to help players feel the fun while enjoying the game. One of the advantages is that the game allows players to use more types of in-game instruments such as piano, guitar and many other instruments waiting for you to experience.

Initially, players will have to start with gentle songs to help their manipulation process become simpler to help quickly get familiar with the gameplay that the game brings. After you can control faster and more proficient, try the exciting music to make the experience more attractive than ever. Note, you need to overcome simple challenges in the game before starting with more difficult missions in the game.

The outstanding points

The first advantage is that Magic Tiles 3 constantly brings the latest music around the world through the latest updates to help players easily mingle with top wonderful music melodies right on the phone. Magic Tiles 3 also interacts directly with the Facebook social network to help players connect directly and fight with their friends. This will create fierce battles but no less exciting.

The game also incorporates a challenge mode to help players improve their manipulation skills when fighting with other players around the world. You will have to overcome as many opponents as possible to be able to top the rankings for the best players. Image quality in the game is really a remarkable highlight when giving players the feeling of relaxation when experiencing through the details are arranged extremely reasonable. The images in the game are displayed relatively sharp with a harmonious combination of tones to create an extremely beautiful display quality that will surely make you feel satisfied right from the first time you enjoy.

Sound alive

Because it was built in the traditional music style, the sound quality in the game was invested very carefully to make the music become more lively and catchy than ever before. You will be immersed in the music world in the game through melodious music or enjoy exciting entertainment moments by choosing EDM melodies to feel the excitement during the experience.


Magic Tiles 3 is an extremely suitable choice for players who love the simplicity of playing in a product on a mobile platform. This game brings a lot of new features along with a series of popular music around the world that will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen when enjoying.

The attract of Magic Tiles 3 has been proven by many players around the world, what about you? Quickly download the game and make your comments right away. The game is currently available on both App Store and IOS, allowing players to easily download the game through a few simple steps.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK or Magic Tiles 3 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.