Name Lineage 2: Revolution
Publisher Netmarble
Size 95M
Latest Version 1.15.12
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


A few months ago, publisher Netmarble released the game Lineage 2: Revolution APK for players around the world. This game retains the context, as well as inherited the classic role-playing gameplay from the lineage game before. With new innovations from the publisher, promises to bring the impression and difference compared to the same game products on the market today. Lineage 2: Revolution is based on both Android and IOS platforms, with a download size of about 99MB, supporting all mobile devices and tablets. If you are interested, can download games and enjoy quickly.

Introduce Lineage 2: Revolution – A game groundbreaking MMORPG

Coming to Lineage 2: Revolution, players are immersed in three distinct classes figure, Warrior, Ranger, and Mage. Besides, you can choose from 4 races, including Human, Elf, Dark Elf and Dwarf, to bring to the battlefield. Each character has different characteristics and personality. Therefore, players can choose a character according to their preferences, to experience the game in the most vivid.

Gameplay extremely unique

Step into the game Lineage 2: Revolution, first you can follow the first tutorial from the game, to familiarize with the operation as well as that the game Lineage 2: Revolution brings. Characters will be strengthened over time, with the added abilities each time you level up. Besides, you have to manipulate skillfully and select figure to get more experience, and level up quickly. When the player experiences the game long enough, the character gains a specific set of skills, requiring you to have skillful moves to perform long-drawn combo moves. With the beautiful effects that games bring, will cause enemies to withdraw blood quickly and not get back in hand.

The main task of the player is to help his character reach a high level as soon as possible, and the ability to select the appropriate equipment to own more significant power. Thus, it can serve for PK purposes with other players, without fear of failure. Equipped with the same equipment, but the player’s operation is the most important factor. Lineage 2: Revolution requires you to have an agile hand, with the right skill development in a snap if you do not want to be killed by the enemy quickly.

Many attractive modes

Lineage 2: Revolution also offers a bounty hunting mode, with sinister and brutal bosses that will kill those who challenge them in the blink of an eye. However, the reward that comes out after killing the boss will be a great bonus, so players do not even bother with that danger. Items that fall from random to strong, will cause the characters to rob and take away quickly. So, do not be foolish to go hunt Boss alone, it will blow you in a heartbeat. Players need to gather a team together to prepare for this dangerous hunting trip. One can not do anything, but many will definitely destroy the big boss. In particular, big bosses often appear in certain time frames, as well as locations that will vary with the benefits that are also different. You have to keep up the right time it was born, to gather friends or teammates in the game hunt Boss in a reasonable way. Because other players can destroy it before you get there.

The game also features PK, high-level disputes between people playing together. You have to find a way to be more powerful than them in terms of equipment, skills, or quick skill development that can easily be won in these battles. Naturally, these PKs are just the main form of friendship, and you do not have to worry about losing friends after every PK.


The characters in Lineage 2: Revolution is elaborately built, with the investment of the smallest details such as grass, bushes, providing the ultimate experience for the player. You can invite your friends to join in this game, to have great moments of relaxation but no less exciting in the free time.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Lineage 2: Revolution MOD APK or Lineage 2: Revolution Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.