Name Legends of Valkyries
Publisher MeoGames
Size 23M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.1
Price Free
MOD Features God Mode/Damage


MeoGames officially brings its newest product to players around the world, it is Legends of Valkyries (MOD, God Mode/Damage). This is a game taken the context from a North European myth which continually engages in fierce wars between the gods in order to win territory and seize the mystical powers. Still a traditional role-playing game combined with battle style in every game, Legends of Valkyries promises to make players feel very impressed with what it owns. The game just arrived in the market not long ago, you can download the game via the APK link below simply or search it on the App Store and Google Play for the immediate experience. Let’s explore the fun that this game brings right away.

The plot is attractive

One of the earliest highlights of this game is the meticulously planned storyline, which portrays successfully the battle between the Nordic gods to help players enjoy the game seamlessly and well as possible as. In the game, you will be transformed into legendary gods to protect the rare artifacts. At the same time seek to optimize the power of the character brought to fight with the evil forces in the assigned tasks.

Join the Legends of Valkyries, where players will learn the stories of Nordic mythology, thereby finding the most satisfactory answer to the seemingly forgotten questions. For example, why is Asgard destroyed or Valkyrie so blurred? All included in this game, experience the game now for more detailed information.

Familiar but attractive gameplay

Legends of Valkyries are built in the usual way, allowing players to easily get acquainted with the familiar genre. In the game, you will still lead an army to join the battle with increasing difficulty over time. Each level will bring a lot of fun to the players, you need to keep calm as well as set the appropriate strategy if not want to get failed quickly.

Each character in the game is equipped with different skill systems, this will help them counter or complement each other in the battle fiercely against the enemy. This inadvertently brings the interaction to the game, you can arrange the right team in each battle to overpower the opponent’s characters and quickly win in each battle.

In general, Legends of Valkyries appreciate tactical elements from the player. You need to experience the game for a long time to be able to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of each character, thereby giving new tactics to make the enemy get failed unexpectedly.

Quality character system

Even though Legends of Valkyries has just released, the system is extremely diverse in terms of skills as well as good looks. This shows that the game is ready to compete directly with the hit RPG thriller Card Wars Kingdom or Clash Royale. Let’s wait for a fascinating battle between the outstanding products of this category.

The Legends of Valkyries system is divided into several levels, to unlock the most advanced character SS you need to experience the game long enough and have to spend a lot of effort to own these powerful characters in his squad. In addition, players can increase the numeral of attack or defense for the character by helping them level up quickly. Also, use the appropriate equipment to optimize the power of your character offline.

High-quality graphics

Equipped with 3D graphics, Legends of Valkyries really bring fierce battles and make players always feel excited when playing the game. The details in the game have achieved a very high degree of meticulousness through the smooth lines of the characters, thus portraying successfully the image of the Nordic gods full of brave and carrying in the power of destruction. Overall, the graphics quality of the game really made us feel impressed. You should try the game experience to discover interesting things built-in to make the most accurate judgments.

Wonderful sound

There are not too many fine words to describe the excellence of the sound system integrated into Legends of Valkyries. It is really great. You will enjoy the vibrant music scene, thereby portrays successfully the magnanimity of the Nordic myths – one of the periods most people in the world know about. In addition, the sounds generated in battles will surely make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen during gameplay.

Legends of Valkyries are really worth to experience

Legends of Valkyries bring a new breath to the gaming market being in the period of saturation. This is a game invested extremely carefully from the play to the image quality promises to create an attraction to the player as soon as the experience. If you are a tactical lover with a traditional role-playing element, this game will be a very lucrative choice.

For those who use the Android operating system you only need version 4.1 or above to be able to enjoy the game quickly. Clicking on the APK link below is also an excellent choice to start your journey in Legends of Valkyries immediately.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Legends of Valkyries MOD APK or Legends of Valkyries Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.