Name Left to Survive
Publisher B.V.
Size 90M
Latest Version 3.4.1
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Bullets


According to the official news we received recently, the entertainment market new type of survival game called Left to Survive (MOD, Unlimited Bullets). Considered a survival game completely different from the current popular game titles such as PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival. Developed by the famous B.V publisher, this game is sure to make for an enjoyable experience. The destruction of dangerous zombies to win life will make you feel newer. Left to Survive is currently available on both Android and IOS operating systems, and no cost to. You do not hesitate any longer, please download the game and experience the feeling of survival is extremely attractive right now.

The land of “dead”

By participating in this game, players will be introduced to the interesting storyline that it brings. The world is threatened by the pandemic of zombies spreading rapidly, currently has not figured out how to prevent their development. Zombies are ubiquitous and turn places where they pass into a desolate and lifeless land. In that case, you will be transformed into a special character, with the task of destroying all the existing zombies to protect the safety of humanity. Of course, you will not be alone in Left to Survive, your teammates will always be there to help in difficult situations. Please cooperate well with them to win in each game.

Diverse tasks

The mission system in this game is relatively varied, players are free to explore the mystery of Left to Survive without feeling depressed. After each game you will receive some items needed, they will be useful in the next game. Players will be introduced to tasks ranging from basic to complex. Each level of the game will bring different difficulties, requiring players to use everything they have to defeat the horrible zombies trying to eat you swiftly. Is not that awesome?

Be careful in every move, the zombies will be available throughout the map at certain times. Players need to calculate the right to make the correct decision, avoid being knocked down in a short time. In addition, Left to Survive also gives players a relatively diverse weapon system. Players can use the weapons to suit their preferences, you need to move quickly to between the most effective. Each weapon will be suitable for a certain time, you need to consider carefully before deciding to use them. Wish you luck in this game.

The control operation is quite simple

Left to Survive does not have much of a change in control compared to conventional survival games. In general, every gesture in this game is made through the experience screen, and you’ll quickly get used to it without wasting too much time. On the left side of the screen, players can use the virtual steering wheel to help their character move. The weapon system will be integrated to the right of the screen, you can change the weapon or do the shooting gun operation easily.

Graphics are carefully invested

For the graphics segment, Left to Survive is a survival genre, so investing in graphics is a good thing. Players will enjoy the extremely vivid battle with the high-quality images that this game brings. The details in this game are carefully scrutinized image as well as smooth transition effects. The zombie’s system is depicted quite real, bringing horror about their appearance as well as their unusual activity will surely make you live in the moment of fear when enjoying this game.


If you are feeling frustrated with traditional survival games, let Left to Survive help you get a fresh experience. This game offers thrilling gameplay combined with the unique shooter genre, you will enjoy the breathtaking and fascinating moments through exciting battles.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Left to Survive MOD APK or Left to Survive Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.