Name Last Day on Earth: Survival
Publisher Kefir!
Size 49M
Latest Version 1.15
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 7.0
Price Free
MOD Features Free Craft, Unlimited Money, Max Durability & More


Hello dear readers of we, according to information known, the new global entertainment market emerged survival game called Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Free Craft). After Into The Dead 2 in the previous article we introduce, the next one will be released in December. Are knowns, this game was released exclusively by Kefir on the store Google Play and App Store charts. However, we tried harder and sent people APK version to empower gamers.

Rated as a wild-type survival game, another zombie theme developed by Kefit promises to bring a wonderful experience in 2018. Can say that in 2017 young people around the world are fond of wild survival games that combine zombie. Recently typical are two products that many young people love is Last Day on Earth: Survival and Into The Dead 2. Especially in these two products, the look is quite similar, but when you set foot in the experience you will find it completely different. And now, invite you along to find more details about the 2 products emotional game this, sometimes gives the player the moment “chilling” no less than each other.

Last Day on Earth: Survival – A survival game extremely attractive

As you well know, on here we have introduced to people 2 games wild survival extremely attractive in recent times. Then why bring out to compare these two games, this is quite a special thing to learn about the differences between these two products. In game Into The Dead 2 that requires quick reflexes are primarily, and Last Day on Earth: Survival requires the player that is in strategic thinking and judgment. Too many differences and novelties made up of product names in recent times. And now, I will not waste your time anymore, let’s go together to find out more in detail.

Last Day on Earth: Survival possesses an extremely charismatic story and novel, has great wildness. Join the game Last Day on Earth: Survival, players will be exposed to the doomsday of the earth, when the zombie is raging and the spread of diseases worldwide demand. The number of zombies is spreading more than the rest of the survivors. You will be immersed in a surviving character and will seek to destroy the zombies, bring a world of resurrection for humankind.

Start an attractive struggle to survive

The beginning of a pair of shorts and two white hands in the Stone Age, you have to survive and set up a battle zone against the zombies. Maybe around you now, are a bunch of bloodthirsty zombies trying to reach you and attack you anytime. You’ll start the journey his first, necessary to collect the remaining items and materials scattered everywhere, create a solid base. Do everything possible to avoid attacks from a bloodthirsty zombie, if you do not want to end the game early here. With a few twigs or a few stones, you will need to use it as a self-defense weapon, used to cut down trees and creating works safe haven for their own. A character in the game Last Day on Earth: Survival also need to eat, you need to stock up on food.

Last Day on Earth: Survival is sure to bring the thrill, fear and something very charismatic with the zombies wandering everywhere. The game requires players to have persistence, to be able to hide and build a solid base, gradually develop and have heavy weapons to destroy these horrible zombies.

Extremely familiar gameplay

A prominent point in the game Last Day on Earth: Survival, that’s a pretty interesting gameplay system, created partly to the dramatic and unpredictable to the experience. The only way you can survive, that is collected, build and destroy, you will gain experience points until you level up. The higher level will allow players to get more advanced items as well as unlock new features. Please note, upper right of the screen has a radar, it can allow you to detect zombies coming towards you. At the bottom, is the navigation keys to move and the buttons function like an attack, pick up, open bag or hide…

System Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Last Day on Earth: Survival has a very wild 3D background, design style looks extremely realistic until the third angle has somewhat described the scene in this game. Only a few small details like (Plowing trees, leaves,…), they are all very well described detail by the developer, thanks to a very rich system. The sound system is not much discussed, it made perfect so I will not say much more.


What’s new in version v1.14.3?

1. New units of weapon and shields added to Sector 7. Some of the weapons have rare skills.
2. New combat equipment added.
3. New weapons and armor are available for crafting in the list of recipes behind the wall. You can assemble anything – from a spear to a shotgun.
4. New resources for crafting added.
5. The locations in Sector 7 are visually changed.
6. New quests and tasks.
7. Infected chests behind the wall added.
8. New enemies: Guards, Oozer and the boss Miner.

What do you should notice when using the MOD version?

You can lose the current game progress. Think carefully before downloading.

What subjects cannot be created?

Horse Saddle
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Body Armor
Kevlar Trousers
Kevlar Boots
Metal Pipe
Assault Helmet
Assault Body Armor
Assault Trousers
Assault Boots
ATV Transmission
C-4 Explosive
Clan Banner
Explosive Material
Tactical Backpack
Hand Pump
Repair Station
Zombie Truck
Chemistry Station
S&W Magnum
Land Mine
Electronics Lab
The Dragunov
Metal Cutter


Generally, Last Day on Earth: Survival worthy of you to spend time experiencing this moment. We firmly believe that this game will be a breakthrough in the genre of wilderness survival game combined with the killing of zombies. And what about you? ready to experience this product yet. If you want to try to face the zombies everywhere, Last Day on Earth: Survival will certainly be attractive to you. The game is free and currently, supports both iOS and Android. You can download the game via the links below:

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK or Last Day on Earth: Survival Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.