Name Langrisser
Publisher ZlongGames
Size 94M
Latest Version 2.9.1
Platforms Android 4.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


After a relatively long time, blockbuster Langrisser APK + OBB was officially released in the game market to help players relive the feelings of childhood 27 years ago when was enjoyed this game for the first time. Basically, Langrisser’s play is not too different from the previous version in order to keep players with beautiful concepts that have been attached to them for a long time. The presence of this game caused a lot of big names like Forged Fantasy or Chain Strike to fear because it was upgraded in many aspects as well as improving the shortcomings that existed in the previous version. It promises to bring players great moments of experience. Join us to learn about the game through this article.

Familiar fantasy context

Langrisser is still built in a fantasy context with the image of feudal Germany. Participating in the game, players will be able to choose a path to their liking without being forced. There is no good or bad faction by this choice depending on the feelings of each player. Overall, keeping the same scene as the previous version is a very clever idea from the publisher ZlongGames because it will help players not to encounter too many difficulties in the first game experience.

The gameplay doesn’t have too much change

Especially, the game’s play is still the same. Langrisser is still an RPG game like the previous version. In the game, there are still many characters that the player can choose and each character has completely different stories. With more than 300 stages, players can create their own unique adventures. Initially, you will be familiar with the gameplay that the game brings through carefully built instructions. You will be provided with a good army with the task of defeating all enemies on each level to continue with the next challenge. Of course, your army will easily defeat the opponent in the first stages because this is just the first step to help you understand the gameplay in a short period of time.

The battles in the game will take place on a certain turn. Each soldier will own a unique knack to help players easily divide the appropriate position in each battle they participate in. After arranging as well as giving your direction, you need to wait for the opponent to develop their tactics before continuing to control. Langrisser’s play style will continue to evolve like this until one of the two factions is defeated by the opponent.

The extremely diverse character system

Langrisser will keep the heroes and characters from the previous versions, besides adding other military units such as Monk, Imperial Soldier, and Berserker,… This will help players easily choose the characters things needed to stick in the fierce battles that the game brings.

Besides, each character in the game will possess advantages as well as completely different skill systems. The first thing you need to do is read carefully the instructions from the game to be able to better understand the power of each character, thereby making decisions to choose the characters that match your lineup for maximizing the power they bring.

Affirm talent through PvP mode

Like the same genre games on the market, Langrisser will be integrated PvP mode to help players enjoy the fierce battles with other competitors around the world via an internet connection. Here, you will have to encounter players from possessing low to high skills completely randomly so you can lose at any time if you are subjective during the experience process.

Langrisser is a game that requires relatively rigorous tactical elements, so the first thing you need to do if you want to win each battle is to understand all the necessary information about the game. Thereby, collect the strongest characters in the game and arrange a rational formation to be able to defeat all of their opponents in fierce PvP battles.

Graphics are not too beautiful but extremely quality

With only being developed based on 2D graphics platform, so the details of Langrisser are not too beautiful. However, this is quite understandable because the publisher wants to keep the same details as the original version to make it easy for players to feel familiar gameplay right after experiencing the game. In general, the image quality in the game is not very excellent but can still satisfy those who do not require too high graphics. In addition, players can feel the dynamism of the game through the Hero characters are voiced by famous actors from Japan.


After nearly 30 years of cult series, Langrisser game was “revived” again, making players around the world can not stand still. This is said to be a perfect upgrade version in all aspects compared to the original version, allowing players to quickly return to childhood once more through the new integrated features. In addition, there are many interesting things await you to experience in Langrisser. What are you waiting for? Start your journey by downloading the game using the APK link below this article right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Langrisser MOD APK or Langrisser Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.