Name Knock Balls
Publisher VOODOO
Size 63M
Latest Version 2.7
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Gems


We have introduced a lot of products from the Voodoo distributor, most of these games are meticulously chiseled about the style of play and excellent image quality, to give players the feeling fun experience. In this article, I will help you understand more about Knock Balls (MOD, Unlimited Gems) – is a game that is a lot of popularity in the gaming market at the moment because of the gameplay simple. Although there are quite a few direct competitors, I believe this game will achieve some success just like the previous games. Knock Balls available now on App Store and Google Play, allowing players to quickly download games and experience them instantly. Let’s explore some interesting things from this game.

Simplicity comes from the gameplay

The gameplay of Knock Balls built not too sophisticated to help players may be familiar from the first-time experience. Just like the previous products from Voodoo, this game has a very simple and easy-to-understand style of operation, so you do not have to do too much but still feel the fun of it.

Use the cannon properly

Your mission in Knock Balls is to help his cannon to be effective in every shot. There will be a lot of obstacles with different shapes in each level, players need to adjust the angle of the shot to be able to cause all obstacles shot down quickly. Of course, you will not be able to win in one shot unless you destroy the entire obstacle ahead. Players can make the next shot to be able to complete the assigned task. Remember that you only have a certain amount of ammunition in the game, and if you spend a lot of money, you will lose quickly. The difficulty of each level will be increased by the level that the player achieved. The next screens play, the difficulty will be increased so much that players can not take their eyes off the experience. You have to concentrate as much as possible when playing the game, which will help players to earn more points and to shatter the record that they have created before.

After each game, you will be added a certain number of bullets to complete the next level. Use them wisely, adjusting the angle is the most important thing in Knock Balls. You have to be careful with your decision if you do win easily and do not get the score you want. Overall, Knock Balls bring quite a gameplay simple. It will help players easily get acquainted with the first experience. In addition, after certain levels of play, you will come to the challenge extremely difficult. The obstacles will become stronger than ever, you will have to control the gun to shoot as many bullets to be able to win this game. If you do not have enough ammo, you will not be able to complete the challenge.

Easy operation

Knock Balls owning the manipulation method is not as sophisticated as the usual game. You just have to touch the experience screen to instruct the cannon to perform, which is quite understandable when the game is developed by the Voodoo publisher. By equipping the same control system with the previously successful product is perfectly reasonable and suitable for all ages of players.

Challenge those around

After gaining quite a high score in Knock Balls, you can challenge the people around you to break the record you created. They will be very excited about this offer, which will make the competition seem quite boring when enjoying alone.

Eye-catching graphics relative

The quality of graphics that the game brings is relatively eye-catching, it will help players feel more clearly about the gameplay of Knock Balls bring. The details in the game are not too sophisticated and a reasonable transition effect, it will definitely impress you right from the first experience. The colors in the game bring the vibrancy needed with bright colors as the main theme, promising to help players feel the game more clearly.


Compared to previous products from the Voodoo publisher, Knock Balls does not bring too many outstanding improvements but still retains its traditional appeal. This game will be a perfect choice to help you release the pressure in life quickly, suitable for players who do not require too high in terms of form as well as graphics quality bearing come.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Knock Balls MOD APK or Knock Balls Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.