Name Kingdom Adventurers
Publisher Kairosoft
Size 57M
Latest Version 1.9.3
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Diamond/Stamina


There are many games in the style of building a kingdom in the present time, which gives players a lot of choices to find themselves a suitable game to experience. In previous articles, we have introduced readers too many products of this style such as Hustle Castle or Kingdom Rush Vengeance and received a lot of positive feedback from many players around the world. Therefore, we want to continue to bring Kingdom Adventurers (MOD, Unlimited Diamond/Stamina) – is a game of the traditional kingdom building style from the publisher Kairosoft. Although it was just released not too long ago, it quickly received the attention of the players, along with achieving a rating of 4.4 / 5 on Google Play so you can be assured of the fascinating that this game brings. Join us to learn about this unique game right now.

Unique medieval setting

The context of the game is developed in the middle ages, the time when the world is dominated by fierce monsters and they constantly destroy innocent people to satisfy the hunger in the body. As a talented person, you must build a mighty empire to be able to fight and help people around the world from the invasion of monsters. Remember, everything around you can help you a lot during your mission. They may contain mighty magic, special skills … so let’s exploit all the things present on the map to help your kingdom achieve outstanding development.

Do everything to develop the kingdom

In Kingdom Adventurers, players will be taken to relatively large but extremely unspoiled land and begin to build their kingdom immediately. If you are a person who has not had too much experience in experiencing kingdom-style games, do not worry. Kingdom Adventurers come with a very detailed and vivid instruction system, which will help you get used to the gameplay that this game brings from the first time to enjoy.

Basically, the player can control his character to move around on the map and help him perform the necessary actions by touching the experience screen. You can drag left or right to explore other lands, this will help you easily manage the kingdom development quickly without any difficulty.

Integrate many different power indicators

Kingdom Adventurers integrate a lot of characters with completely different functions and strength indicators. These include some specific types of troops such as magicians, warriors, gunner … This will help players can easily customize their army system best suited in each different battle. You can engage in battles with aggressive monsters, or explore ancient lands covered with mist throughout the game. The special thing is that the player can also defeat powerful bosses to get objects dropped from them and use the available materials to upgrade them to become stronger. If the player owns more items with high stats, your win rate will increase.

Extremely large map

It can be noticed that one of the most outstanding features coming from this game is the immense map system integration. Thereby, your task is to complete all the tasks given by the game to receive a reward. Use the money you earn from the challenges you have overcome to build and expand the kingdom as quickly as possible. As your kingdom becomes stronger and more complete, go to explore new lands to breathe the expansion of your kingdom. Remember, to do this, you need to own a mighty army if you do not want to be destroyed by other enemies in a snap. What are you waiting for? Join Kingdom Adventurers now to build your own kingdom and save the world from monsters instantly.

Classic Pixel graphics style

Most kingdom building games on the current market are developed in traditional 3D or 2D images. However, Kingdom Adventurers are completely different from the rest when it is equipped with Pixel graphic style combined with familiar 2D quality that will make players impressed from the first experience. By building a graphical style in Pixel style, it will help players feel like they are returning to their childhood again during the game.

Besides, the sound system in Kingdom Adventurers was also shown to be relatively successful. In addition to the attractive background music, whenever the character performs any skill or action, the game will appear a number of extremely reasonable noises that promise to bring players the most vividness possible.

General conclusions

If you are a fan of the kingdom building game series combined with the classic Pixel graphics style, Kingdom Adventurers will certainly be a great choice in the present time. This is a relatively new game in the gaming market, so you should wait for some time to fully enjoy all the great features that it brings. Besides, players can also download the game via the APK link integrated below this article to be able to experience the game quickly. Please give feedback soon to help publishers improve the Kingdom Adventurers more in the next updates.

Notes: Please select a link to download Kingdom Adventurers for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Diamond) version or the original APK. Please read the Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.