Name Kick the Buddy: Forever
Publisher Playgendary
Size 115M
Latest Version 1.4.1
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Among the simple games from the Playgendary publisher, the most prominent is still some familiar names like Pinatamasters or Kick the Buddy. These games all make their mark on the players all over the world thanks to the extremely unique and attractive gameplay they own. Realizing the strong growth potential of Kick the Buddy, this publisher continues to release the next version of this game called Kick the Buddy: Forever (MOD, Unlimited Money) to help players get relaxing moments the best on their phone. This game has a strong upgrade in many aspects compared to the previous version, which promises not to disappoint you with the fun but torturous screen during the game experience. Please join us to learn some notable highlights from this game right away.

Buddy has returned and is more profitable than before

Maybe you don’t know, Kick the Buddy: Forever is the latest part that follows the success of the same name game from the famous Playgendary publisher. This is a highly interactive action game designed to help players relieve stress in their lives easier through the exciting tortures the game brings.

Our main character is the mannequin Buddy who has an obnoxious face along with improved graphics quality to make it easier for players to enjoy the extremely beautiful and appealing tortures much times bigger than before. If you want to relieve stress, download the game via the APK link below the article to do it quickly.

Relieve pressure

Kick the Buddy: Forever gives players a dummy with a smiling face to unleash your torment by using various methods and weapons built into the game. The next unique point that this game brings is that players are allowed to customize characters with many different clothes and accessories to increase the hate during the experience.

The controls in the game are relatively simple. You just need to touch your hands continuously on the effigy to launch violent actions such as throwing, punching, kicking … characters easily. This will make Buddy character constantly receive fierce tortures and players will feel like being relieved of stress in life easily. If you want to solve everything with violence but don’t hurt anyone and don’t hurt yourself, more importantly, not breaking the law, then go to Kick the Buddy: Forever and fight against Buddy guy right now.

Imagine that the inanimate Buddy guy is the cause of your anger in this life, then join the game right away and torture him without having to fear anything. You can be assured because there will not be any murder happening in this game and Buddy will return to intact after the intense torture ends. This will motivate players to perform even more terrible tortures during the next play.

Unlock new weapons

Besides tormenting characters with basic actions, players can also use the weapons available in the game to maximize the amount of damage inflicted on the obnoxious Buddy guy. The game offers a lot of weapons such as a chainsaw, grenade, poison injection, rocket … This will help players can easily choose a suitable weapon in their torture. You should alternate changing weapons on different levels so you don’t get bored when you experience the game for a long time.

Overall, Kick the Buddy: Forever will surprise you with the extremely various system of the weapons. Note, you can use the money you earn after each torture to own your favorite weapons.

Graphics have been upgraded

Kick the Buddy: Forever has a lot of graphics upgrades compared to the previous version to help players get the best experience during the game. This game is designed with images based on the familiar 2D platform because the purpose of this game is mainly to help players kill time in spare time. The details in the game are described in a familiar animation style along with a relatively vivid color system that certainly will not make you feel disappointed right from the first time you enjoy. Overall, the display quality is really a great highlight to help this game achieve certain success in the context of many other competitors are competing directly in the game market.


Kick the Buddy: Forever is a game that can help you relieve stress when faced with life’s problems through fun but equally intense tortures. Basically, the gameplay of this game remains the same compared to the original version to help players easily get acquainted right from the first experience.

Kick the Buddy: Forever is really a perfect combination of both gameplay and interface. The graphics are very simple and the gameplay is also sure to make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen during the game. What are you waiting for? Download the game via the link below to feel interesting things waiting for you in this game right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Kick the Buddy: Forever MOD APK or Kick the Buddy: Forever Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.