Name Injustice 2
Publisher Warner Bros
Size 44M
Latest Version 3.3.1
Platforms Android, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features No Skill CD, Full Mana


DC is always among the largest movie publishers in the world at the moment. The products from DC are always very carefully scrutinized in terms of content as well as images that make them have the love of many people around the world. Guessing this trend, Warner Bros.International Enterprises game publisher has partnered with DC to create Injustice 2 (MOD, No Skill CD/Full Mana) – a role-playing game developed in conjunction with the traditional antagonistic genre that will surely bring you to more intense and exciting battles than ever before. This is not the first time this publisher has focused on exploiting the DC superhero theme, which previously had great successes like DC Legends: Battle for Justice or Justice League Action Run. Hopefully, Injustice 2 will create the same success as the previous products from this publisher. But first, let us find out about some highlights from this game.

Meet celebrities

Injustice 2 is based on the original comic as well as the popular series from DC so you will meet famous heroes through this game. Moreover, players can directly control characters such as superheroes, bats, the flash, wonder women,…to take part in the fierce battles that this game brings. Your task is to find the most suitable characters to become a team, then use them to battle other players around the world via an internet connection. Are you ready to become a talented manager of heroes? Quickly download the game and do it now.

Simple operation

The in-game operations are relatively simple and do not have too much change compared to other games of the same genre, so players do not take too much time to master the control of their characters. You can touch the virtual steering wheel button to the left of the game screen to help the character move left or right, this will help you to avoid attacks from the enemy or approach to deploying more accurate skills. The skill system will be integrated to the right of the experience screen, you just need to touch the virtual buttons which are placed quite intuitively to help the character perform extremely beautiful combos but no less powerful.

Great antagonists

The gameplay of Injustice 2 revolves around antagonistic battles between characters, you will have to control your heroes against other players around the world. What is special is that the game allows players to control all three characters in a battle, which helps you to alternate between heroes to gain an advantage over their opponents.

You can choose any character to participate in this battle regardless of whether it is the hero or the bad guys in the DC electric universe. This is a relatively unique highlight from this game, it will help players easily combine characters together to form a powerful and unbeatable army in every battle.

Overall, the battle in the game is very carefully polished from the image to the effect of the character skills will certainly make you feel really interesting when experiencing. What are you waiting for? Join the fierce fighting in this game and show your bravery right away.

Upgrade characters

In addition to bringing in an extremely diverse character system, Injustice 2 also allows players to upgrade their characters with the money earned through each battle in the game. You need to collect rare equipment to help your characters increase attack or defense stats quickly or unlock new skills to create combos that integrate more damage. In addition, players can collect special game characters such as Arkham Knight Batman, Armored Superman and many other powerful characters to help their roster become more comprehensive than ever.

The graphics are relatively good

Graphics quality is considered one of the brightest advantages to help Injustice 2 achieve many achievements until now. The resolution in the game is upgraded quite significantly compared to previous versions, which helps players to enjoy the fierce battles that the game brings to life vividly and extremely smoothly. The details of the game are portrayed relatively successfully and are similar to the original comic that promises to bring you back to your childhood once more.

Sound creates a highlight

The sound is one of the indispensable elements in games developed in immersive style combined with the traditional antagonistic genre. Injustice 2 also, the sound system in the game is integrated extremely vivid thanks to the simple background music but appeals to players right from the first experience. In addition, the action of the characters will emit interesting noises to help you enjoy the battle in a separate way but still feel excited.

Injustice 2 really stands out

Injustice 2 is not just a good product, it also has 10,000,000 installations on Google Play and is continuing to increase in recent times, making it impossible for players to ignore the presence of it’s in the current game market. The game possesses many outstanding advantages, as well as the integration of new features through recent updates, will definitely bring you exciting battles throughout the experience.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Injustice 2 MOD APK or Injustice 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.