Name Idle Flipper
Publisher VOODOO
Size 39M
Latest Version 3.3.1
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


To continue the success of the company Voodoo, today APKMody continues to send people an entertaining addictive game called Idle Flipper APK. Launched on January 3, 2018, with updated version 2.0.4 for the Android and iOS platforms. Is one of the entertainment category, with simple gameplay, help you reduce stress when work fatigue. Promising to bring the exciting experience in this year 2018. Now, invite you to go find out more details and explore the game, Idle Flipper.

Introduce Idle Flipper – Fun games by Voodoo

Is an entertaining game Idle Flipper with simple gameplay is not too difficult, but still generate their own characteristics. Instead of playing ball moves, shooting balls, or catching the ball, Voodoo has developed a unique and unique non-knife game. Believe that in the coming time, this product will take the breakthrough in the entertainment category addictive.

Simple and addictive gameplay

With simple gameplay is not too difficult, players simply pat on mobile screens, to throw the knife upward, to free fall to the ground. It sounds simple, but step the game you will feel extremely hard. On inside the game, the difficulty level will increase and the game Idle Flipper time will be shortened, making you feel the game finish extremely fast.

How to play

Opening the game Idle Flipper, you will be granted a minimum level knife, each knife throws them successfully will receive a corresponding amount. You need to collect as much money to unlock new knives, in different colors and shapes. Each knife will have a different level, the level of increase will help the player to collect a lot of money. Also, you can unlock Auto flip mode, with a huge amount of money to unlock this feature. When you unlock this feature, auto mode will be turned on so you can make more money.

Graphics and sound

Owning a 2D graphics platform is quite simple, but players can still experience extremely smooth. With sharp designs such as daggers, big knives, swords, etc., get Voodoo publisher describes in great detail. Sound system exciting, creating a great experience in the new year 2018.


Overall, Idle Flipper is a non-dramatic engaging game, but it stimulates the player’s curiosity. The current, the game Idle Flipper is currently supported on the Google Play app store and AppStore, so players can easily download mobile phones. In addition, also supports the free version Idle Flipper for Android/iOS.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Idle Flipper MOD APK or Idle Flipper Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.