Name Idle Capitalist
Publisher Gaga Games
Size 420M
Latest Version 1.1.8
Platforms iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No ADS


Games with simple gameplay are receiving the love of many players around the world, most of these games bring players great moments of relaxation through what that they bring. Some of the products that have just been released recently, such as Sushi Bar Idle or King Rivals: War Clash, are all equipped with extremely simple gameplay but still make the player unable to leave their eyes from the screen during the experience. In this article, we will introduce readers to Idle Capitalist (MOD, No ADS) – a game from Gaga Games publisher that will surely make you feel satisfied right from the first time you enjoy. Please join us to evaluate the overall advantages of this game.

Become a successful entrepreneur

The plot of Idle Capitalist is invested not too thoroughly but can still make players feel seamless during the game experience. In the game, you will be transformed into a young guy trying to become a successful entrepreneur through bold but reasonable purchasing decisions.

Of course, there will be a lot of obstacles on the path to success. You will have to help him make wise decisions to optimize the profitability of the items you sell. Thereby, expanding the market by upgrading and developing different production lines to achieve desirable profits. Are you ready to do that? Quickly download the game with the APK link below to make the dream come true immediately.

The extremely simple control system

Like other games of the same genre, Idle Capitalist possesses extremely simple gameplay along with not so demanding requirements that players can easily get to know quickly. In this game, players simply touch the experience screen to make their business decisions as reasonable as possible.

Your task is to observe your economic situation through the extremely intuitive interface system that the game brings, then make accurate upgrade decisions to develop the business system to a new level. In addition, there is no longer any action in this game that will help you become freer during the experience.

Smart decisions

Initially, players will start managing a supply chain of lemonade to start their own entrepreneurial path. Your task is to optimize the profit of this item to receive a large enough amount and expand into different areas. Naturally, lemon juice will not bring too much economic profit, so you need to expand your business if you do not want to stall.

Idle Capitalist brings many different business models such as raising chickens to produce eggs, opening factories to produce screwdrivers, growing rice to get rice, etc. Each type of business model in the game will need some certain capital to start operations, so players will be free to decide to expand their business or unchanged the old form.

In addition, players can use the money they earn to upgrade their business model. This will help the profitability of the product will increase rapidly, thereby giving you a stable economic benefit. You can choose to upgrade the old one or expand the new one depending on your vision and direction.

Talent manager

The most important thing in the business is to need a talented manager to run. So is Idle Capitalist, you need to invite talented managers around the world to run the company’s business, they will help businesses optimize economic benefits as well as improve manufacturing quality.

Choose managers who match the industry you develop to maximize the talent they bring. The game offers a lot of different managers that allow you to make your decisions quickly. After a long time, you should replace management so that the work can be more stable and smooth because they will come up with new business strategies than the old manager.

Image quality and sound are quite good

The image quality in the game is completed relatively well compared to the common ground in the current game market. The details in the game are arranged relatively intuitive as well as the overall harmony will definitely make players feel extremely satisfied during the experience. In addition, the colors in the game are also displayed quite appropriately to contribute to the beauty and fun for players to enjoy the game.

Just like the image quality, the sound system in the game is not invested too carefully but can still give players a lively atmosphere through built-in background music. This is a relatively necessary thing because it will help you not to be bored when you experience the game for a long time.


Idle Capitalist is a relatively interesting game at the moment. It will help players get great entertainment moments and feel the relaxation throughout the process of enjoying the game through extremely simple gameplay. The only drawback from this game is that it is only released on the App Store and is not available on Google Play. However, you can download the game easily with the APK link integrated below this article.

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Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Idle Capitalist MOD APK or Idle Capitalist Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.