Name HQ Trivia
Publisher Intermedia Labs
Size 25M
Latest Version 1.43.0
Platforms Android 5.1, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


In the previous articles, we introduced you to many famous puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga or Hello Cats. Therefore, we can see that the game is built in the traditional puzzle style loved by many players around the world because of the advantages that they bring. In this article, we will bring you HQ Trivia APK, a mobile quiz online game with simplicity. If you answer the entire question correctly within the time allowed, players will be rewarded with a very valuable amount of money coming from the game publisher. This game has gained more than 5,000,000 installations on Google Play so far so you don’t need to worry about the attractiveness it brings. Let us learn some highlights about HQ Trivia now.

The way to operate is extremely simple

This game is essentially a form of a live game program, which will help you connect with players around the world via an internet connection. HQ Trivia is held twice a day. The prize for the winner of the game is at least $ 1,000 and the highest is up to $ 10,000. If there are multiple players returning home, the prize will be divided into different parts to create fairness for the player. You should remember that you will not have the opportunity to correct mistakes when participating in the game experience because just by having a wrong answer you will be removed from the competition immediately.

Eliminate players through difficult questions

This game contains many types of knowledge to make players get eliminated after a period of the competition. It will provide you with multiple choice questions from easy to difficult to help you get acquainted quickly. Players will have to answer multiple choice questions one by one by clicking on one of the three built-in answers on the experience screen. You only have up to 10 seconds to think and make your final decision because then the computer system will show you the answer immediately. This will directly determine whether you can continue to participate in the contest or give the opportunity to other players.

An in-game contest will take place between 12 and 15 questions, so you must answer all the questions correctly given by the game if you want to become a winner and get the highest value reward. Participants are eliminated through each question and during the game, you will see how many people are participating. The 12th sentence, the system will announce the number of winners and they will be rewarded with cash. Show off your talents by joining the game now and become the winner right now.

The interface is extremely intuitive

The display interface is one of the indispensable points when prompting HQ Trivia. The interface in the game is designed very simple to help players can easily manipulate right from the first experience of the game. The details are also vividly expressed through beautiful colors that promise not to disappoint you when enjoying HQ Trivia. In general, the layout in the game is quite eye-catching and suitable for many players worldwide. How about you? Are you ready to participate to receive the extremely valuable rewards that the game has brought yet?

Interact with other players

In order to create a contest of global scale, what HQ Trivia is indispensable is allowing players around the world to interact directly with each other via an internet connection. Players can chat and share gaming experiences together through the built-in chat feature right in the experience screen. Be friendly and make friends with many people to learn more valuable experiences during the game experience.

In addition, you can earn more opportunities by inviting your friends to register the game with the referral code or playing the game continuously for 5 days. This will give you a chance to correct it if the answer is incorrect in the questions that the game brings, it will help you a lot in conquering valuable rewards at each event. However, you should not be too focused on using this help because it only works once in every contest. You should think carefully before making a final decision because there will not be any other opportunities if you have used your help.


HQ Trivia is really a very good game to help players train their brain through extremely difficult questions to be integrated. This is a game for all players worldwide and is not limited to age. How to join is also very simple, you just need to use your exact name and phone number to register and then experience the game easily. Besides, the whole question is in English so you need to have some knowledge of English if you want to gain an advantage over other competitors. It is difficult to use translation tools because the time for each answer is very short.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download HQ Trivia & Words MOD APK or HQ Trivia & Words Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.