NameHoop Rush
Publisher Ketchapp
Latest Version1.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo ADS


Like Voodoo, the publisher of Ketchapp has always focused on developing games with simple gameplay that will bring a sense of relaxation to the players when they experience it. Recently, this publisher has released Hoop Rush (MOD, No ADS), a game with a new style and gameplay, promising to help you have a comfortable time enjoying the game. This is an Endless Run game where players will have to control the loop until they lose. This will make the game more engaging in gameplay and performance. Hoop Rush is currently developing on both Android and IOS platforms, priced at $ 3 per download. This is not a big number compared to what this game brings. If you are interested, can join us to learn more about this game.

Simple but attractive gameplay

Hoop Rush is a very simple game as other titles in the same category. The player controls a circle to move along the way and avoids the obstacles that make you return to the starting point. You will not spend too much time getting used to the in-game actions, which is what the publisher intended to do when creating this spirit child. Players only need to control the ring left or right arbitrarily, to fit the way forward. You will have to move with a white string, it will have dangerous pieces, if you are not awake you will lose quickly.

High simplicity

Hoop Rush features simplicity, so there will not be any tasks integrated into the game. You will be free to experience without any constraints. Everything will be very simple until you encounter more difficult challenges, the ring will move at high speed, and the road will be very thorny. Players must watch carefully and manipulate properly if they do not want to start from zero. In each level, you will earn points through the red markers placed in the specified position. However, after each touch, it means that the movement speed of the ring will increase, be ready to conquer the milestone in Hoop Rush.

Discolored circle

Your ring will change color when touching the diamonds scattered on the way, they will help players achieve higher scores. But do not ignore the diamonds, they will make you suffer bitterly. The color swap is also a highlight of Hoop Rush, it will make the player experience is interesting and does not cause boredom.

The notable features

Hoop Rush allows the user to enjoy the experience anywhere, without an internet connection. This will give you the freedom to play the game in many different situations without interruption. You can challenge the people around to break the record created by yourself, it will unquestionably help Hoop Rush compete and create more fun when playing the game.

Simple graphics

The graphics of the game are pretty straightforward in the way it plays. If you require a top-notch game, Hoop Rush will not fit that need. However, if you love the light and focus on simple but attractive play, then the game will meet that. The image in this game is not meticulous, only the color circle and the small details are not so prominent, but still, bring a great experience for players.

The end

Overall, Hoop Rush is a game that anyone can experience by simply playing, easy to familiarize with the control. Although there are many other competitors in the market, the game always has a certain place and receives a lot of support from players around the world.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Hoop Rush MOD APK or Hoop Rush Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.