NameHeroes Unleashed
Publisher Jollity
Latest Version1.0.20
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3
MOD FeaturesNo


If traditional MOBA games like the WILD League or Mobile Battleground Blitz make you feel boring, try Heroes Unleashed experience – a game that is said to be the perfect combination between the League of Legends and Overwatch on the mobile platform. This is a relatively bold step from the publisher Jollity but it was really successful when it achieved more than 100,000 installations on Google Play until now. Heroes Unleashed APK + OBB retains the values and characteristics of the FPS genre – the MOBA that the original version of King Jiajun Corps has obtained. At the same time, the English interface of game help is more popular thanks to the easy-to-understand and more scientific design interface, which will help players around the world to access and experience quickly. Let’s find out briefly about this fascinating game.

About Heroes Unleashed

If you are a fan of the MOBA game series combined with the FPS genre, you can not ignore Game of the Legion of Heroes released only in the Chinese market. After a long period of strong growth, the publisher Jollity has officially released an international version of this product called Heroes Unleashed. Basically, everything in this game is preserved compared to the original version to help players easily get acquainted in a short period of time. If it were to find a true transmission of Overwatch on mobile, it would be difficult to get past candidates by Heroes Unleashed at the present time. Are you ready to experience the fun that the game brings? Download the game using the APK link below this article to do it now.

The gameplay is relatively easy to understand

Before starting the experience, the player will have to choose the hero in four main roles: Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support including many unique heroes with their own skill sets that the game brings. Accordingly, you will control your hero orchestra according to the first person perspective to oppose the enemy. In addition to the precise aiming ability, each hero will have an interesting skill set that requires you to learn carefully and use it in time if you want to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

The control system in Heroes Unleashed is relatively easy to understand and similar to most action games in the current gaming market to help players easily manipulate the game. You will control your character to move through the virtual steering wheel button built into the left of the experience screen, thereby performing other actions by a series of virtual buttons equipped with the right screen quickly.

In general, the gameplay, as well as the way of controlling in this game, is relatively easy to understand. Therefore, you will not take too much time to master everything that the game brings.

Many attractive game modes

In addition to the highlights above, Heroes Unleashed also offers a lot of extremely attractive game modes to help players not feel bored when experiencing for a long time. Modes like Escort, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag … will definitely make you feel excited during the game. Note, players need to experience the game long enough to be able to understand the rules in each game mode because the gameplay and operation style will be completely different. Take turns modes as soon as you get bored to find the fun to play.

New modifier board system

The game also brings one of the familiar features from League of Legends which is a tabular support feature to help improve character stats from blood armor, damage … so you can customize before each match and create gameplay for yourself. This will help the player to make multiple choices to change the board of support before each game to maximize the advantage they bring in each battle.

Moreover, all of these optimized systems on mobile platforms will definitely bring a sense of convenience for you to focus on the game experience more. Overall, this is a fairly new feature on mobile games that will keep you interested during the game.

Graphics are pretty good

Graphics quality is also one of the highlights of this game. Heroes Unleashed owns the 3D graphics platform along with the depiction of the image of extremely characteristic and clear characters will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen during the game. The details in the game are displayed extremely intuitive and lively, thereby successfully reproducing the scene of the fierce battles that the game brings. In addition, the transition effect in the game is also relatively smooth, so you can comfortably enjoy with low-profile devices.

The end

With the investment as well as equipped with many outstanding advantages, this helps Heroes Unleashed to be enjoyed by many players around the world and achieved quite a high number of downloads during the early launch. Participating in the game, you will discover the fiery battlefields along with a lot of highlights that the game brings such as high-quality graphics, lively sound … surely will make you feel extremely happy.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Heroes Unleashed MOD APK or Heroes Unleashed Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.