Name Helix Jump
Publisher VOODOO
Size 33M
Latest Version 3.0
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked


At any point in time, simple-to-play game titles are always on the top of the list of favorite games around the world. Voodoo is one of the first pioneers in the genre of this game, and they have been very successful with such games as or Will it Crush? has generated a strong wave of installs on both the Android and iOS operating systems. And recently, this publisher has launched the game Helix Jump (MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked), a well-cherished spirit child, promising to bring a new breath in the game market seems to have saturated. In this article, we will together learn the highlights are waiting in this game offline.

Soul game located in the ball

Like the other titles from the Voodoo publisher, Helix Jump has a spin around a ball, so you can effortlessly move the ball in this endless space. To minimize the style of play, publisher Voodoo promotes balance and appear only traditional factors, games emphasize balance as well as traditional elements, allowing players to easily manipulate and enjoy the great moments that the game brings.

Simple gameplay

The task of the player in Helix Jump is simple, you just help the ball move from the top of the tower to the ground safely until the end of the game. It sounds easy, but everything going on in the game will not be as simple as you think. The obstacles will appear constantly to block the movement of the ball, to control it skillfully and agile if not want to be stuck in the endless labyrinth.

Initially, the challenges will not be difficult for the player, it will help you familiarize with the way the operation of Helix Jump so that you feel excited when the experience. After passing the specified milestone, obstacles will appear with increasingly dense frequency, making the pace of the game faster than ever. If you lose your temper with a skillful control, you lose a lot quickly. With the game brought, the Helix Jump will make people feel great discomfort, it will urge you to play repeatedly until you break the record created by yourself. This is also one of the interesting features of the game from the Voodoo publisher.

Control system

Control manipulation of the Helix Jump is not too picky, you just swipe the screen from left to the ball right to help the ball to land more easily. Think fast and make the wrong decision, if the slow motion will be trapped permanently in the maze causing you to lose.

Eye-catching graphics

Helix Jump delivers eye-catching graphics, with a streamlined maze model. Next to it is the creativity and subtle design created the twisted maze, will certainly bring exciting experiences for players. It can be said that the graphics of this game is not identical to the other games on the market, and is an upgraded version of the image from a release of Voodoo.

In addition, after each level, you will receive a corresponding bonus to decorate your ball. By owning more balls of different colors, promises to make you satisfied when you experience it and does not cause undue boredom.


Helix Jump is a free-to-play game, so it’s normal for the ad to appear in the game experience, which will cause disruption and loss of playing time. To avoid that, you can turn off the network connection while playing games to ensure maximum comfort. Or spend $2.99, to type the ads in all the subsequent screen.


To get the most out of this game, only those who download and experience the Helix Jump can give the most accurate opinion. However, with what the game title brings, will certainly satisfy the expectations of the player for a game with simple gameplay, but bring a great appeal. If you love this game, you can experience Helix Jump right now, to set your own score record.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Helix Jump MOD APK or Helix Jump Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.