Name Happy Kitties
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Size 72M
Latest Version 1.1.9
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Happy Kitties APK is the most recently released game of Bit.Games publisher. This is a traditional Match-3 puzzle game, similar in style to famous games like Candy Crush Saga and Merge Dragons. Happy Kitties has relatively simple gameplay, suitable for entertainment after stressful working hours. You will own an extremely cute cat integrated into the game. You have the right to put its name to your liking and try to pass through relatively simple screenplay to unlock objects for your cat. Click on the link below to download Happy Kitties phone and experience its fun now.

Cute cats

As soon as you come to the game, you will have the right to own a kitten that you like best. The game has integrated a lot of cats with extremely funny looks, so you can freely choose and become its friend soon after. Cats before being chosen are homeless children because they have no one to care for. Therefore, you will be a close relative as well as the only companion of this cat. So show your love for it by taking care of it every day. You need to log in to the game every day to let cats eat or massage cats. Your cat will show satisfaction by dropping his heart around, which means you don’t need to continue doing that anymore.

Overcome many challenges in Happy Kitties

In order for your cat to have a good life, in addition to ensuring daily needs, you need to take part in integrated match-3 puzzle challenges. There are many levels you need to overcome and win. The gameplay of these challenges is quite simple and familiar. Each game screen will have different requirements that require the player to respond to be able to win. You will find a way to put 3 or more identical patterns into horizontal or vertical rows. The samples are quite diverse with eye-catching colors such as bow, star, fish or cat face … will help players feel comfortable and relax when playing the game. When you find enough the required number of sets of samples, you have passed the game screen. However, games that limit the sample moves are shown on the left side of the screen. So, you need to pay attention to not make mistakes in your every step.

Unlock objects in the house

After passing the levels and collecting rewards, you will have the opportunity to unlock objects in the cat’s room. At the first level, you can collect a nice little table or floor mats, sofas, swings, … Then, the more you pass the level, the more unlockable you can more than other necessities such as decorations, toy mice, clothes, … These items will help the cat’s room become much more comfortable and comfortable. So your cat will definitely like these new friends and this is the motivation for you to try to win many integrated screens. In addition, the lower left corner of the game screen also includes a small camera. After shopping for your room, you can take photos to save to your phone or share with your friends. Interestingly, right? This game is available on App Store and Google Play, so you can search easily or simply touch the link below this article to download it already.

Bright graphics

The most outstanding feature of Happy Kitties is the graphics. In a simple game genre, graphics that ensure aesthetics and bring satisfaction to the players are the interesting points needed to attract many players around the world. And the publisher Bit.Games did this for Happy Kitties. The graphics of the game give the person experience the feeling of lightness and relaxation because it is integrated into the bright colors and the way of designing cute cartoon characters. Sometimes, just a cat with cute movements in a colorful room was enough to make the player excited. Do you see that? Experience Happy Kitties now to feel it.

Sound quality

In addition to graphics, the sound of Happy Kitties also contributed significantly to the influence of this game on the game market at the present time. The sound does not integrate music that is too strong and climax, instead, it has gentle but youthful and cute music. That will help players entertain to relax and relieve pressure. In addition, the sound from moving patterns in each game screen also makes the player feel excited despite the long-term experience.

The general feeling about Happy Kitties

Although not too many outstanding features integrated, Happy Kitties still draw attention to players thanks to many characteristics that are done quite well. The game has simple and relaxing gameplay but just enough to attract a long experience from the players who love the traditional match-3 genre. The graphics are relatively sharp and lively, suitable for many players and many low-profile devices. The sound of the game is light and gives a pure feeling. Therefore, Happy Kitties is considered one of the simple style games that are worth to play at the moment. Download this game on the phone and you can relax anywhere, anytime you like.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Happy Kitties MOD APK or Happy Kitties Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.