Name Guild of Heroes
Publisher BIT.GAMES
Size 96M
Latest Version 1.84.9
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No Skill Count-Down


Guild of Heroes (MOD, No Skill Count-Down) is an RPG style game with many players around the world. Although the game was released long ago, this game still generates attention in the present moment. Publisher Bit.Games have done a pretty good job of bringing meticulous attention to the gameplay and visual quality. The game will bring you a very special battle and great skill effects, promising to satisfy you right from the first experience. Guild of Heroes is available on the Appstore and Ch Play online, allowing players to download games and experience them on any mobile device. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the attractions of this game.

Protect villages

The peace of the village centuries ago brought a good life for the people here. They are protected by the masters of high power with immortal powers. Until one day, the dark forces reached the village and brought in the strong army of ghosts, the mages were not able to fight them. In the current situation, you will play the role of a great leader in the Guild of Heroes with the task of gathering the heroes of the village to fight the dark forces. You must train troops, use your judgment to make the right tactics. Download the game and become the village rescuer in the game right now.

Character selection

Before you start your journey in Guild of Heroes, you will have to choose one of the characters three classes that the game brings as archers, mages, gladiators. Each character will have different strengths and weaknesses. Players need to choose a character for the needs of ourselves because characters will accompany you throughout the process of experience. In addition, the game also allows you to choose the gender of the character you like. This will help players feel more free and relaxed when experiencing.

Start your own journey

Players will be familiar with how the Guild of Heroes operates through a very detailed and logical guide system. You should pay attention to the instructions that come with the game so that you can better understand the built-in actions. The missions will appear continually to help players familiarize themselves with the story of the game, you need to complete the tasks assigned to receive rewards such as gold worth, rare equipment, experience,… to form the game.

Monster Fields will be endless resources to help players exploit them, giving you a certain amount of experience to help upgrade skills. At the first level, you have to depend a lot on small monsters before thinking about the next battle. Players must look for a sufficient amount of equipment to gain an advantage over players in the world. You must complete the assigned tasks in the Guild of Heroes, this will help players better understand how to operate from this game. In addition, they will take you to different locations to take on the challenge, helping players feel less bored during the game experience.

Show visual parameters

The parameters in the game are quite visual, with a relatively simple control system, which allows players to get familiar with the game that the Guild of Heroes brings. Pay attention to the character’s HP, which will signal your survival on each level. In addition, if you do not want manual control, can save time by turning on the Auto mode in the game to help characters automatically hit.

Beautifully designed

The graphics of the Guild of Heroes are not as good as other games of the same genre, but there is something very attractive to players. You will enjoy a relatively enjoyable journey through this game, the details are very reasonable description will make the quality of the player experience quite high. The animation effect of the character is quite smooth, do not trigger lag when enjoying.

Guild of Heroes FAQs

What’s new in v1.84.7?

There have been changes to control point rewards in Guild Regatta. You can learn more about them in the in-game news and the game community.

  • Now, to get the reward for the control point, you need both Regatta points and lock picks, which are awarded for winning Regatta battles.
  • The card color-coding system in the Regatta has been changed. Now it will be easier to understand which opponents are the most profitable to fight.

This MOD is not working now.

Although you can get infinite diamonds from the award, don’t get too much. You will not be banned.

This MOD is not work now.

The end

Although there are quite a few direct competitors in the gaming market, the game Guild of Heroes has proven its charm when it has hit 5 million installs on Google Play and is increasing at the moment. Manufacturers constantly bring new updates to improve the quality of the experience for players, promising to help this game more success in the near future.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Guild of Heroes MOD APK or Guild of Heroes Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.