Name Gate Rusher
Publisher Dmitrii Ilies
Size 127M
Latest Version 1.0
Platforms iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No ADS


Gate Rusher APK is a simple game that has just been released by Voodoo, it still which is quite new around the world. But promising to bring an extremely much success as the previous product. The game is built in a simple style that is quite unique from Voodoo, which will help you not have to manipulate too much but still feel interesting throughout the experience. In particular, the game is free on Appstore and Google Play. However, the ad code segment still appears regularly but does not affect the gameplay of this product. Below the article, we will provide an APK link to help you quickly enjoy the game on your PC. Let’s find out some interesting points from this game.

Extremely addictive gameplay

As we all know, the products from the Voodoo publisher are always scrumptious in terms of gameplay that assures the player’s appeal right from the beginning. Gate Rusher is no exception, this game possesses a very interesting style of operation that promises to make you feel good when you enjoy it. Voodoo has done very well with its reputation products like or Helix Jump. With the creation of Gate Rusher, this is quite reasonable nowadays, the game will help the publisher confirm its unique position in the game market. At the same time, players will have more choice to enjoy and improve the quality of the game experience.

Control the ball

Gate Rusher possesses a fairly straightforward style of operation that is suitable for many players. With gameplay simple, you can get familiar with the game in quite easily without spending too much time. The player’s task is to simply control his ball moving as far as possible and to get the highest score in each level. This will inspire players to experience each other and make you want to break the record created by yourself. Download the game and show off your skills in the Gate Rusher.

Manipulation in the game Gate Rusher is quite simple, just touch the game screen to help the ball move in the direction indicated. The obstacles will appear constantly on the way, you have to control the ball through the portals in the game if you do not want to lose quickly. Remember if touching the colored lines on the stage means your journey will end immediately.

The mission system in Gate Rusher is relatively diverse, allowing to play continuous games without feeling boring. Each stage will bring different challenges that require the player to focus high to control the ball accurately. The difficulty will be increased at a certain time, the ball will move faster to make the player does not turn up. You have to be calm and act swiftly if you do not want to start from zero. Overall, there is not much to say about Gate Rusher’s playstyle, as it is styled function quite similarly to other Voodoo products. The game possesses extremely easy-to-understand gameplay, which makes it fun for players to experience and gives you great moments of relaxation on your phone.

Interact with other players

You can create interactivity in the game Gate Rusher, by challenging the people around to break the record you created yourself. Join the game and earn the highest score, thereby improving your ability to manipulate and enhance your reflexes. This will give the player a lot of fun while playing the game.

Eye-catching graphics infinity

Gate Rusher is one of the few games from Voodoo that has a very eye-catching graphics platform. By changing the color details after each game will help you feel like getting into the game quickly. Transition effects in the game relatively smooth, which allows players to experience stability on low-profile devices.

Sounds pretty fit

The sound quality in the game is not too prominent, but contribute a small part to the success of Gate Rusher. The game brings background music quite suitable, creating a compelling gameplay experience that will keep you focused throughout the game.


With the added advantage of the previously successful games, Gate Rusher has been significantly improved in terms of gameplay, making it a fast-paced game in the gaming market. What are you waiting for? Download the game to discover the cool stuff that comes with it.

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