Name Garena Contra Return
Publisher Garena
Size 34M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.0.3
Price Free
MOD Features No


Are you ready to go back to your childhood again through Garena Contra Return APK + OBB yet? This is a game that has been familiar to many generations decades ago. Possesses very simple gameplay, but brings fun to players with dramatic battles and traditional role-playing style. Discovering the potential of this game, Garena Games Online decided to bring it to players around the world. With new innovations in terms of image quality and different operating styles, Garena Contra Return promises to bring you great moments of enjoyment on your phone, and reminiscent Memories of relatives seem to have lost before.

Traditional gameplay

Garena Contra Return will remain the same style as the first version, bringing the role-playing in the familiar horizontal screen style. This will make the player feel interesting throughout the experience. In addition, the game also possesses new innovative features along with the ability to extreme variations in play style, to help it not be overshadowed compared to other products in the current game market. Are you ready to take part in a game? Download the game and do it right away.

Appropriate control systems

The first improvement of Garena Contra Return is the integration of the control system is very suitable, allowing players to operate easily without spending too much time to get acquainted. You will be provided with a virtual steering wheel on the left side of the screen, to help the character move quickly, and to use moves such as shoot gun, loaded bullets, using skills, etc. The visuals are visually displayed to the right the screen experience. Overall, with a lot of upgrades to the control system, the game becomes more appropriate and catches up with modern trends.

Join these fierce battle

Garena Contra Return will bring fierce battles, allowing players to enjoy the experience. The first screens play will help you get acquainted with how to operate quickly. The next challenge will be extremely difficult, requiring players to work fast with the ability to accurately judge the situation, to be able to knock down all the enemies present on the map.

The game also features different modes of play such as PvP, goalkeepers, battlefields, … to help players choose the experience depending on their interests. Each mode will bring you different gameplay and new innovations that will surely make you feel instantly satisfied. This shows that the publisher has made reasonable additions, but still retains the traditional gameplay as the original version, fully meet the entertainment needs of players for the time being.

Additional character system

With the addition character systems, Garena Contra Return will not only have two familiar characters as the original version. The game features 15 characters with unique skills and power, so you can easily choose the right one for you to experience. In addition, the number of characters will be increased in the next version, to improve the quality of the game to the highest level. In order to own favorite characters, players must collect pieces through the battle and upgrade. Note, the success rate will depend heavily on the player’s luck factor, pray and enjoy the results by downloading the game and experiencing it.

Upgrade graphics quality

Graphics is the first difference of Garena Contra Return compared to the original version. With the upgraded image quality along with extremely smooth motion effects bring the extremely fierce battle to the player. You will enjoy the tension shoot gun battle with the details are displayed extremely beautiful, thereby enjoying the appeal as soon as the game experience.

Sounds create accents

The sound system in Garena Contra Return is also carefully scrubbed, help players quickly mix in the game. The background music mixed with the noise emanating from the battle will make you feel extremely excited during the game.

The end

Despite facing a lot of skepticism, Garena Contra Return really did a great job in the original version. The game brings new levels of innovation, as well as adding useful features to enhance the experience of the player. You will live with your childhood memories again, thanks to the extremely unique gameplay that comes with it. What are you waiting for? Download games and enjoy the fun.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Garena Contra Return MOD APK or Garena Contra Return Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.