Name FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019
Publisher Electronic Arts
Size 79M
Latest Version 13.0.04
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 10.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Unlike previous years, the publisher Electronic Arts they have just released a trial version of the popular FIFA series released early next year. FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 APK is a product that allows players to experience the special features of FIFA 19 and then look for points that are not satisfied to respond to the publisher. This will help them identify the location of errors and correct the problem before launching the official version on the gaming market. This is an interesting step for EA, they have done what no other publisher has in the world. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this game.

Famous game FIFA series

EA certainly is not too unfamiliar to players around the world, they are one of the leading publishers in the production of games under the category of sports. Most of the products coming from them are always very well done in terms of visuals to the way the players feel comfortable throughout the experience. The FIFA game is also considered one of the most popular football games in the world at the moment.

So every year, the publisher of EA will launch a different game in terms of name and ownership of new innovations. For example, in FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18,… you will be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of a game but still, feel the upgrade points differently. EA has decided to bring FIFA SOCCER to give players a better overview of the forthcoming FIFA 19 game to help them improve what is not right in their product. Have you prepared everything for the most exciting football game on the mobile platform yet? First, experience FIFA SOCCER to get the experience needed first.

New control mechanism

The first improvement is directed to the control system in FIFA 19 will be completely different from the previous version. You are still provided a virtual steering wheel to help the players move easily. The special feature lies in the fact that the publisher has a virtual key that is placed on the right of the screen, which is integrated with all operations such as pass, shoot, execute skills … this is relatively new and This will definitely surprise the players. You should attend a practice session before embarking on a game experience so you do not feel a bit overwhelmed.

Join the battle heights

FIFA SOCCER is not much different in terms of gameplay compared to previous versions. You will still be able to participate in high-level matches through modes such as PvP or PvE. Players can switch between these two modes to not feel bored during the enjoyment. You will still be offered a squad with anonymous players and start your own team. Try to win the game in order to get the right amount of reward, which brings the team to quality contracts like Ronaldo or Messi to increase power.

Open card feature

Open the card is not too unfamiliar with many players around the world, FIFA SOCCER allows you to own the cards at random, after opening the card you will be able to get the players to have a high index or low depending on the luck of each individual. Overall, this feature has been around for quite some time in previous versions of FIFA, but EA still wants to bring some improvement to its strategic lineup. You need to experience this trial version to make reasonable suggestions to make the card playability more enjoyable.

High-quality graphics

Basically, FIFA SOCCER is still equipped with the same 3D graphics format as the previous version but has improved quite a lot on the movement of the players, so that players can feel the smoothness. In addition, the details in the game are guaranteed color harmony, as well as the vivid replay of the players on the course, will certainly make you feel very excited while enjoying the game. Note, your device needs to have a pretty high profile to be able to experience the game in a stable way.

FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 is a safe walk from EA

This can be considered a test version the most sophisticated investors from publisher EA. You will experience almost entirely new features of FIFA 19 to be released early next year. Players can play games and make suggestions to help publishers improve and bring a complete version as soon as possible.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download FIFA Soccer MOD APK or FIFA Soccer Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.