Name Evertale
Publisher ZigZaGame
Size 83M
Latest Version 1.0.26
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 11.0
Price $0.99
MOD Features Many Features


After the resounding success of Pokémon GO around the world, many games of the monster hunting genre are constantly coming out to help players have more choices to suit their interests. Typically, there are some prominent names in the game market such as Cubemon 3D or Pokémon TCG Online which are loved by many players in the present time. Most recently, the publisher ZigZaGame has released a new game but still retains the same gameplay as the products mentioned above named Evertale (MOD, Many Features). This game possesses many new features and exclusive features that promise to give players unforgettable moments on their phone screen. Let us explore the new highlights that this game brings through this article.

Explore the fantasy world

In Evertale, you will be taken to a spectacular fantasy world filled with fanciful creatures to participate in an extremely interesting adventure with your character. Through it, you will discover vast landscapes, bustling cities and legendary dungeons in this vast open-world role-playing game.

Coming to the game, you will join a group of heroes and together with free the Erden world from the terrible threat named Pandemonium or alone make the epic adventure. Collect, train and evolve more than 180 creatures and warriors to stand up to fight in fierce monster battles throughout the process of experiencing this game now. You should remember that the campaign part has never been the best part of the game of the animal training genre.

Train monsters

Evertale brings more than 180 types of monsters during the story-based adventure to help players easily collect the types of monsters they love to accompany each other during the game experience. Of course, you will be able to meet wild creatures on the way, try to catch them to complement your squad. In addition, you can train them and evolve into very attractive forms. Remember that each type of monster in the game has completely different looks and power, so you need to understand their parameters carefully before deciding to collect and train them.

Tactical elements determine all

After obtaining a complete army, you can join the battles that the game brings to receive rewards worthy of upgrading the squad. The battles in the game are developed in the traditional 4vs4 style, which means you will have to choose the 4 characters or monsters that you feel like the most to join the battle. Evertale is a game that emphasizes tactical elements so you need to build a strategy in every game that is reasonable along with a harmonious combination of monsters to defeat every opponent in the game.

Evertale will also include real-time online PvP mode that allows players to sense the world-wide battles that the game offers. This will be an opportunity for you to assert your talents to all players around the world. Join and try to win as many victories as possible.

Connect with other players

In addition to the fierce battles, Evertale also allows players to collaborate and chat with other players through the built-in Guild feature. Here, you can also learn gaming experience and accompany with new partners in extremely difficult tasks that the game brings. Take part in weekly online events to be able to unlock exclusive or limited characters and add to your monster collection. In addition, the publisher also promises to bring many useful side-quests for those who do not want to follow the built-in tasks of the game.

Overall, this game has done very well in helping players interact directly with each other via an internet connection. This will help the gamer community in Evertale become more engaged and crowded than ever.

3D graphics

Graphics in Evertale are designed in 3D so the details are displayed beautifully and clearly right on the player experience screen. You can feel the vividness of the magical creatures in this game thanks to the unique and eye-catching design. Each type of creature with different skills and attacks is also shown very detailed and distinct. These things will definitely make players feel extremely excited during the experience.

In addition, the transition effect in this game is also relatively smooth and suitable for most mobile devices in the present time so you can enjoy the game in a stable way. It can be seen that this is considered one of the games of POKEMON style possessing the best display quality today.

MOD Info

  • 100% chance on capture
  • 999 Team Cost (No limit on putting heroes in the team)
  • Game Unlock
  • 8M Silver
  • Equip/Unequip a weapon to gain massive stat boosts for that specific unit (Simulates Godmode/1 Hit, it’s still not the best implementation but for now it’s functional, doesn’t seem to be triggering detection).


Evertale is not only a casual POKEMON-style game but it is also the most immersive role-playing game of the moment due to the careful investment in many aspects such as gameplay, quality graphics, sound effects, … from the publisher ZigZaGame. Although recently launched not long ago, Evertale received a lot of positive feedback from players all over the world. If you are a player who loves these two styles, you cannot ignore the appearance of this game in the current game market.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Evertale MOD APK or Evertale Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.