Name Episode – Choose Your Story
Publisher Episode Interactive
Size 96M
Latest Version 11.90.1+gn
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


An episode APK is a game that allows players to write their own stories during the experience. In the game, you can do any job you like as an actor, writer, singer or even a police officer to create your own life. It can be seen that the gameplay of Episode is quite similar to other famous simulation products like The Sims™ Mobile or Home Street that promise to bring you a lot of fun during the experience. This game was developed by Episode Interactive – are a publisher that doesn’t have too many products on the game market but will definitely not make you feel disappointed. In addition, Episode is currently available on both App Store as well as Google Play allowing players to easily download and experience the game immediately. First of all, let’s join us in a brief overview of this game.

Endless stories

Episode allows players to freely create their own stories and interact with whatever they want in the game. With each option, you will change the life of the character quickly. Of course, you will be entitled to decide everything in the game and take responsibility for solving the problem you have chosen.

In addition, Episode is set from stories from famous movies worldwide such as Pretty Little Liars, Mean Girls, Demi Lovato … will definitely make you completely immersed in the moments Fun place that game brings immediately. Overall, almost all the stories of movies worldwide are integrated into the game so players can enjoy the storyline from the past to the modern right on their phones.

The special thing is that Episode does not integrate any control buttons in the game to help players not spend too much time performing the operation. You just need to touch the virtual buttons that appear during the experience to make the character follow their will.

A few outstanding stories in Episode

The Episode will give players a series of interesting stories to help you easily choose. Please choose a true story that suits you to feel the excitement during the experience. Here are some of the favorite stories from many players around the world. Demi Lovato – conquering her fame: In this story, the player will be transformed into a true star who is trying to complete the tour to become more famous. After winning a little reputation in the first show, Demi has determined the goal that she aims to get a dream career. Your mission is to help her become a true star through the ideal models of other stars.

Falling For The Dolan Twins – choice of love: This story will bring players to an extremely difficult choice, you will transform into a girl who is receiving the confession of both famous boys. Both win your sympathy, making it difficult to choose one of them … Decide on your will and make the girl’s life perfect. Mean Girls – rebellious girls: This is said to be the most popular story of the moment. In this story, players will become an individual girl and desire an independent life. You will be allowed to do everything to get the best things to your character, try to approach the guys in the dream because they bring happiness to the girl.

Some points worth noting

In Episode, players can freely customize the appearance of their characters as well as designing their costumes to suit preferences. You can also develop relationships with people around you, thereby making decisions that will continue to stick or cut contacts with them to make the character’s life better.

Remember that just one wrong decision can make your life change quickly. Therefore, think carefully before deciding to do something in Episode. Each story in the game will bring a completely different ending. You need to experience the game for a long time to fully understand all the happenings and the end of each story in the game.

The graphics are relatively beautiful

Graphics quality in Episode is built based on the 3D platform to make the game’s details become more eye-catching and lively than ever. The characters in the game are designed in a familiar animation style as well as a relatively successful way of drawing, making it easy for players to feel their own story immediately. In general, the image quality in the game is really beautiful, it will make you feel satisfied right from the first experience.


Compared to the traditional simulation games, Episode does not appear to be inferior thanks to the built-in features. Currently, this game has gained more than 50,000,000 installations on Google Play and is growing rapidly. This is an impressive number for a game developed on a mobile platform so you can be assured of what it brings. What are you waiting for? Download the game using the APK link below the article and start enjoying into the game right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Episode MOD APK or Episode Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.