Name Dream Hospital
Publisher Lab Cave Games
Size 63M
Latest Version 2.0.14
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Gold/Diamonds


Simulation genre games are always loved by players all over the world because they vividly reproduce the daily activities of people in the game to help you feel extremely excited throughout the experience process. Lab Cave Games is one of the traditional simulation game publishers, they have many products that have achieved certain achievements such as Tooth Fairy Horse Caring or 2019 Champion Soccer League. In this article, we will introduce you to Dream Hospital (MOD, Unlimited Gold/Diamonds) – a new game launched recently that promises to bring you great moments of relaxation right on your phone. The game is currently appearing on the App Store and Google Play, so you don’t need to spend too much time to access and download the game easily. First, let’s find out some highlights from this game right away.

Become a director

It can be seen that the need for medical examination is increasing day by day so that the hospitals become overcrowded and are always in disorder, so you need to create a separate hospital and organize everything neatly to make your patients feel comfortable and satisfied. In Dream Hospital, players will be tested in the role of director of a small hospital and try to develop it into an ideal place to take care of the health of the people in the city. The game offers the full range of features needed to make it easy for players to perform their tasks, so you should concentrate throughout the game while enjoying the game if you want to make everyone happy.

You can become the best manager by bringing in good doctors, hiring experienced nurses, opening health clinics tailored to each patient, managing reasonable spending,… Are you ready? Download the game with the link APK below this article and experience it now.

Expanding hospital scale

At the beginning of the game, you are only offered a hospital with a relatively small scale and rudimentary tools that make the treatment process for patients very difficult. Get used to this before thinking about developing a hospital to become bigger, you need to try to please your patients by seeing what they want and providing what they need through some simple gestures right on the experience screen.

After completing each course of treatment for patients, they will bring you some money corresponding to the severity or mildness of the disease. Please accumulate this money so you can buy modern medical equipment to treat difficult-to-treat diseases.

In addition, players need to provide a number of seats so that patients can wait while the overload occurs if you do not want them to leave immediately. The chairs will help them feel more comfortable before waiting for their turn, you should carefully observe the patient’s needs to make the best decision in every given situation.

Notice, before you want to develop the hospital and become a talented manager at Dream Hospital, players need to understand the psychology of the patients because they are the most important factor in bringing in profits about economic and reputation for your hospital.

Bring the best quality service

Dream Hospital offers players a full range of modern medical equipment but to own them is a challenge not simple at all. Each device will have different effects on the treatment of disease, you should consider carefully before buying because the amount of money needed to own them is huge.

In addition to medical equipment, the staff is also one of the decisive factors for the success of the hospital. You should invite the most famous doctors around the world so they can cure more illnesses, hire nurses with many years of experience to help patients get comfort during treatment or brings the most modern equipment to accurately diagnose the disease that patients suffer.

In addition, decorative items in the hospital are not a bad idea either. You can help space become more vivid by decorating the wall paintings, sofas or beautiful plants,… they will bring comfort to patients during the treatment process at the hospital.

Image quality is quite good

It can be said Dream Hospital is one of the few simulation games equipped with beautiful 3D graphics format. That helps the details in the game become sharper and more vivid than ever, making it possible for players to incarnate into the game easily. In addition, the images in the game are also portrayed relatively successfully that will certainly give you a lot of surprises when experiencing.

Dream Hospital is an exciting game

For players who are looking for a game that can help relax in free time and not bound to time, Dream Hospital will not be a bad choice at the moment. It will help you become a great manager of a private hospital, so you need to try a lot if you want to expand the scale and fully meet the utility for your patients.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Dream Hospital MOD APK or Dream Hospital Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.