Name Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M
Publisher Perple Lab
Size 75M
Latest Version 1.1.6
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


According to official we news receive, publisher Perple Lab Inc. recently announced the release of the game Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M. This game is currently available on the Google Play store and App Store, with a capacity of 944.5 MB supporting all mobile devices and tablets. Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M is a mysterious role-playing game, quite similar to the game Nexomon, promising to bring people the best experience in 2018. Now, invite everyone to explore with and learn more about this game.

Introduce Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M – Mystery of the Dragon RPG

Is a game is quite popular in the Korean market in 2017, until now the game is officially released worldwide? With action RPGs launched in 2018, there is a lot of positive feedback from players. And recently is game Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M, certainly be expected a lot in the coming time. Is a role-playing game, simulating a battle between dragons and strange monsters. This game features a simple pixel-based platform, along with a new gameplay experience that will be a great experience in the near future. The game is divided into chapters, you will go gradually to explore the ancient historical plot.

Start the journey with the Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M

Step into game Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M, you will have the opportunity to own the different dragons, look extremely fancy. At first, you will control the dragons fly as you want, destroy the strange monsters. You can control your dragon to spit fire, burn all the other creatures, to win. When you win, you will receive bonuses, gems, and diamonds of this game. The most important thing you need to do is collect as many items as possible to upgrade your dragons. On a more difficult level, the number and power of the enemy are huge. So when your dragon is strong, you will be confident enough to stand in front of giant monsters.

Several different game modes

In this game, there are many different game modes for people to choose from such as PvP, PvE, Clan,… so that everyone can choose. Each mode has many different points and mysteries waiting for you to discover. You will spend a long time, to experience all these modes. Especially Clan mode, bringing you into a fierce battle with other players in the world.

Nurturing dragon, and hybridization

At first, you can tame these goblins as warriors to destroy the strange creatures. Owning more than 300 different species of dragons, you can easily conquer and tame in the long run. Each species of dragon has its origins and differences, so you need to find out about each species before launching the battlefield. The higher your dragon, the more you get 1, 2, or 3 stars, if you want to own special dragons, then collect the diamonds to spin the luck. Besides having different dragons, you have to nurture and grow until your dragon grows. Then you will train them to be a fierce and ruthless warrior, in order to destroy even larger monsters.

Design and sound

On the graphics, Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M owns 3D graphics platform is very beautiful, with the design true sharp. From the image of dragons, strange creatures are depicted as quite vivid and beautiful eyes. Besides, the effect is also quite impressive, with the fire dragon’s, creating the color and more drama for the screen. In addition, the sound system is also a highlight of this game, with sound lively and excitingly, will be a great experience for everyone global players.


Overall, Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M is a unique role-playing game, promising to bring you great experiences in 2018. If you love this game, you can download Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M for Android/iOS for free, follow the link below this article. In addition, we will give you the of version Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M, to help people can experience smoother on the computer.

Depending on your needs, you can download Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M MOD APK or Dragon RPG: Dragon Village M Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.