Name DC Unchained
Publisher FourThirtyThree
Size 75M
Latest Version 1.2.9
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features God Mode


In addition to the development of the Marvel cinema universe on the gaming market, DC has also joined a long time ago with quality products like Boxing Star or Monster Super League. In this article, we will introduce you to a game that continues to be inspired by DC superheroes called DC Unchained (MOD, God Mode) developed by the world-famous FourThirtyThree Inc publisher. This is a game developed in a traditional antagonistic style that promises to bring players to extremely fierce and exciting battles. The game is currently available on both App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily download games and experience quickly. But first, please refer to this article to understand more about DC Unchained.

The plot is carefully invested

Different from other superhero games when dividing two opposing factions, DC Unchained will be a battle between the Super Heroes and the Villains against the Darkseid forces – people are trying to invade Earth. Your mission will be to create a team of 3 members to confront Darkseid’s evil forces by going through the gameplay with an extremely powerful BOSS. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game by the link APK below to protect the peace for all humanity right away.

Meet familiar characters

The game is inspired by the comic book DC Unchained, through which players will meet with the Super Heroes from their childhood as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lightning… The famous villain, like the Joker – the old enemy of Batman, Lex Luther or Harley Quinn … With more than 30 built-in characters and will be increased in the near future will definitely create a feeling of the great endless experience for players.

Confront extremely powerful enemies

When you start the game experience, you will be familiar with the gameplay that it brings thanks to the built-in instructions so it doesn’t take too long. Players will participate in fierce battles immediately without waiting for anything, you will be controlled at the same time 3 characters with the mission to destroy all enemies on the map and win as quickly as possible. Each character in the game will own a completely different set of skills, so you can alternately change characters to make the most of the power they possess.

Basically, the gameplay of DC Unchained revolves around fierce battles between players and villains integrated into each level. This will help players feel more excited in each battle but don’t be too subjective because they will get stronger over time. In addition, the control system in the game is also equipped relatively suitable for players. If you have ever enjoyed a normal action type game, you will quickly become familiar with the game’s built-in actions. With the virtual joystick located on the left of the screen, it will help you easily control your character to move easily. You can also use the skill buttons on the right to make the character unleash powerful attacks to kill the enemy in the blink of an eye.

System skills are extremely diverse

In addition to bringing familiar characters to players, DC Unchained also helps them have completely different characteristics and skills to use in fierce battles. The character’s skill sets are also developed based on the superhero’s abilities inherent in DC’s storyline, example Flash will use his fast speed to attack, or Wonder Woman will possess an extremely strong shield. In addition, the superheroes in the game will also own moves, costumes, and evolution in stages that are no different from the original version to help players easily feel the fun that the game brought immediately.

Many attractive game modes

If you feel depressed when experiencing PvE mode, try changing to other modes such as Defense, Time Attack, … to regain the fun when enjoying the game. In addition, DC Unchained is also integrated with traditional PvP mode – where players around the world can freely compete with each other to assert their talents. Here, you need to use all you have to fight the opponent and win the reward after the game is over.

Beautiful 3D graphics

Graphics in DC Unchained is also one of the special highlights to help it reach over 1,000,000 installments on Google Play in the current time. The game is built on a beautiful 3D graphics platform, making the display quality more clear and vivid than ever. In general, the details of the game are portrayed relatively successfully and, like the original version, will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first experience.

The end

With what it brings, DC Unchained is really a very rewarding game to experience in the present time. This game will be an extremely suitable choice for those who love fighting game series combined with traditional role-playing. In addition, you will meet famous superheroes in the DC cinema universe during the game experience. Try downloading the game using the APK link below and enjoy the extremely lively and fierce battles right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download ​DC Unchained MOD APK or ​DC Unchained Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.