Name Cytus II
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Size 99M
Latest Version 2.7.0
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price $1.99
MOD Features Full Paid


According to the latest news received 1 hour ago, manufacturer Rayark International Limited officially announced the release of Cytus II (MOD, Full Paid) game around the globe. Launched on January 19, 2018, on the Google Play and AppStore rankings, with size 74M of supporting all mobile phones and tablets. Being an entertaining music game, it attracts a lot of players all over the world. After a time of release, the game Cytus II has attracted millions of players around the world thanks to its attractive gameplay. So far, Cytus II has consistently been at the forefront of all rankings in the world. Believe that, this game will be an extremely popular version in the coming time. Now, invite everyone with us to explore this amazing gameplay product.

Introduce Cytus II – A music game unique

Get the context of the modern world in the future, Cytus II promises to give everyone great moments. The game depicts a famous DJ named Æsir, very mysterious and bizarre when never revealed his face. Although popular with much popular music sheet around DJ the world, but no one knows his face. With DJ songs creating a fascination, anyone who hears will be addicted the first time with deep sounds in the heart.

On a beautiful day, Æsir decided to hold his first virtual concert called Æsir-FEST, for everyone to enjoy a modern music party. But the special thing about this party, this guy will reveal the face to everyone known. As a result, millions of tickets were sold at this event, even though the number of participants exceeded the number of tickets sold, a global music festival officially began.

A formal music party begins

Begins game Cytus II, you will be entered into the guy Æsir shoulder to make exciting music DJ. Your main task is done play music appears on the phone screen. Try to get as many points as possible, in order to do this, you need to swipe on the circular notch that is running from top to bottom. Accompany it with the melody of the music, when the melody is near the end, the speed of the notes will be very fast. So, the level of difficulty will be doubled, as you progress to the end of the music sheet DJ.

Style and unique gameplay

The still style Touch and Drag, Cytus II continues to offer the player immersed in the world of music directly. With over 500 different DJ tunes, along with 150 other game modes, giving players the choice of new and exclusive. Besides that, the system of famous DJ songs is constantly updated regularly after each new version. This gives the player a more enjoyable experience, avoiding boredom.

Graphics and lively sound

In terms of graphics, Cytus II owns a beautiful 3D style with a modern design style. With a simple design, only the melody and note, but this game still has many features. Besides, the sound system is extremely vibrant, creating an endless sense of excitement for everyone involved in this game.

Especially, this is an entertaining music game that can help people relax anytime, anywhere. Wherever you are, you can also enjoy the music of your own style. Really too great, enough to enjoy your passion for music.

The end

In general, Cytus II is a modern style entertainment game, worth let people spend time enjoying. If you liked this game, you can download Cytus II for Android, iOS for free. In addition, we will provide version Cytus II new latest, according to the link below the article. Do not forget, regularly visit our website, to update the next version.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Cytus II MOD APK or Cytus II Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.