Name Creative Destruction
Publisher NetEase
Size 73M
Latest Version 2.0.2521
Platforms Android 4.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


If you’ve ever experienced PUBG, you will be fascinated by the fascinating survival gameplay that it brings. Not too difficult to follow after the success of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile, because wildlife gameplay is extremely attractive. As you well know, survival games are constantly born to satisfy the passion of players around the world. At the beginning of the trend, NetEase Games has also launched a new more-than-life game called Creative Destruction APK + OBB. This game still has the same style and gameplay as the same genres in the market, but when you experience the game you will notice the unique features that appeal to players. Reportedly, Creative Destruction is now available on both Android and iOS operating systems, with installs up to 500,000 downloads, which are still growing and showing no sign of cooling. Now, invite everyone to explore the factors that make up the success of this game.

Style unique survival

Creative Destruction will give players a completely different view of the survival genre, although it retains the same style as ARK: Survival Evolved, but this game is bringing a unique feature to attract people play around the world. You will still participate in the fight with other players, but this survival will be more exciting than ever with interesting improvements coming from NetEase Games.

Joining into the game, you and the others will be put on an Airplane Poing 777, Its orbit will be set on a desert island where the war will be fierce later. Players can choose the right drop points to get the initial advantage, choose the place to stay away from the center not grab the weapon with other players, if not they will knock down you off quickly there.

Unique weapons system

Like all other survival games, Creative Destruction delivers state-of-the-art weaponry. They are scattered all over the map, your task is to fully equipped items before facing the enemy. If you do not want to confront them, you should look for wild houses to hide and armed with appropriate weapons. However, this game allows you to ruin the wild houses. This will make life very hard and not anticipate how things will happen.

The safe zone in Creative Destruction will appear after a certain amount of time, which will ensure that the player becomes closer to each other, means that the shootings range will be continuous. You have to keep your cool head and the calm needed in decisive situations, in order to win the fight against the enemy.

Simple control mode

Creative Destruction brings in relatively simple controls, which are displayed visually on the game screen, taking just minutes to your and master. Players can easily pick and place guns through the built-in shortcut keys, for maximum convenience for everyone to experience.

Sound Lively and graphics

You will not have to worry about the graphics quality of Creative Destruction, the game will bring you the most vivid images in the familiar 3D format in the survival game genre. The transition effects are really smooth, giving the ultimate experience for the players and the natural system is an extremely sharp description, sure to make you feel satisfied.

The sound is also the highlight of this title, with the proper integration of gunshots, footsteps, vehicles,… will bring a lively experience for the players, feeling like being in the mix real life war.

Should experience Creative Destruction no?

In general, the gameplay of Creative Destruction leads to more fight survival, where players will always put themselves in jeopardy unless the game ends. The battle is just over when you find the winner, download the game to become the last survivor in the game right now.

The end

Although there are quite a number of titles in the genre of survival that is causing a strong impact on players around the world, their Creative Destruction has created a unique appeal that is not overshadowed by other games. If you want to enjoy a survival game in style new, then this game will be a choice not bad at all.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Creative Destruction MOD APK or Creative Destruction Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.