Name Cooking Craze
Publisher Big Fish Games
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.42.1
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


If you are a culinary enthusiast, Cooking Craze (MOD, Unlimited Money) will be an essential choice to help you show your talents right away. Like World Chef or My Cafe: Recipes & Stories, this is a game developed according to traditional management style combined with many unique features throughout the experience process will definitely make you feel immensely satisfied with what it brings. Players will be creative and present the best dishes to customers in order to achieve the revenue previously set. Cooking Craze is currently available on both App Store and Google Play, allowing players worldwide to easily access and experience the game quickly. In this article, we will introduce you to some notable highlights from this game.

The plot is relatively interesting

In Cooking Craze, players will be transformed into a real chef on the way to assert their talents. You will have to help your character make the most delicious dishes to satisfy all the needs of the guests, thereby developing your trafficking place to become larger and more luxurious to attract more people come to enjoy the premium dishes created by their own hands. This is a task that is not simple at all, you need to manipulate very quickly with great observation ability if you want to complete all the challenges that the game brings to become a famous chef on around the world. Are you ready to conquer the world through delicious dishes yet? Download the game using the APK link below this article and do it now.

The main interface is quite intuitive

The first highlight of this game is the in-game interface system arranged in a very smart way, this will help players can easily get familiar with the in-game manipulation for a period of a short time. The game’s parameters are displayed visually right on the experience screen, along with a series of built-in virtual keys for you to quickly control your character easily. Cooking Craze also brings the first view to make players feel like they are becoming a real chef. You just need to touch the screen experience to control your character to show operations to process extremely delicious dishes. In general, you will not take too much time to be fluent in this game.

Become a real chef

Coming to Cooking Craze, players have the opportunity to become a top chef at a world-famous restaurant. Your task is to cook all the dishes in the shortest time, including baking, making hamburgers, fried sausages, steaks, and other attractive dishes. The important thing is that you need to ensure the quality of the dish along with the processing time if you don’t want to make your customers become frustrated and leave after a short time.

Customer satisfaction is crucial to your chef’s career success in Cooking Craze. Come to Cooking Craze to learn how to cook famous dishes all over the world, while upgrading cooking skills and cooking time management skills through many challenges. This is a game that requires the player’s agility if you want to win. The difficulty will be quickly increased through each game screen. This will cause players to encounter many difficulties during the game enjoyment. The number of customers will be more and more crowded, along with a series of different requirements. Players must do everything to make them feel satisfied with the quality of your food.

Some outstanding advantages that the game brings

The next highlight from Cooking Craze is that it allows players to freely experience anywhere without having to connect to the internet. This is probably one of the few management-style games that do not require players to connect to the net while enjoying. Cooking Craze offers hundreds of different levels to help players enjoy unlimited entertainment moments during the experience. To be able to win all the built-in challenges, you will need to spend a relatively long time.

Graphics quality is also one of the factors that make Cooking Craze a great success at the moment. The images in the game are designed according to the familiar animation style combined with the nuances of facial expressions of the customers will certainly bring to the players the enjoyment of enjoying the game. In addition, the sound quality in the game is also relatively lively thanks to the sound of background music played continuously to help players feel most comfortable during the game experience. The sounds emitted every time you perform the operation are also an indispensable factor in Cooking Craze.

The end

Cooking Craze has many outstanding features and is no less competitive than the same games in the game market. Its gameplay is developed in a simplified manner to meet the entertainment needs of the majority of players worldwide. If you are feeling pressure in your life and want to find a game that can help you relax, Cooking Craze will not be a bad choice at the moment.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Cooking Craze MOD APK or Cooking Craze Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.