Name Compass Point: West
Publisher Next Games
Size 54M
Latest Version
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 7.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


In previous articles, I introduced you to many of the cowboy games like West Hunter or West Gunfighter. Each game has different operating modes and features that make it easy for players to make the most of their holiday experience. And next, we’ll introduce you to a game called Compass Point: West (MOD, Unlimited Money), built on a traditional cowboy style, but with a relatively different gameplay style that will definitely make you feel good satisfied when enjoying. The game, developed by publisher Next Games, is available on both Android and iOS. I will help you better understand what game bring through this article.

Signal for help

Background of Compass Point: West relatively different from other games of the same genre. The constant robbery in the place where you live, the security forces have not yet found a way to prevent the evils going on everywhere. People’s lives have become more threatening than ever. A rescue signal is generated by the sheriff, you will have the task of solving and bringing everything back to the original order. This is a challenge not easy at all, players need to have good thinking, along with the ability to make the right decision to deal with this critical situation. Are you ready to become a hero in this game?

Build a new life

The first thing a player needs to do is evacuate people to safe areas before they can rob the bandit. You will have to build everything from zero in Compass Point: West. This is quite similar to the popular market games such as Clash of Clans or Boom Beach, giving players a new experience and feel excited to enjoy.

Initially, players will name their town. Choose the name that best suits you best, because it will accompany you throughout the game experience. Shortly after, you will start building your own town to ensure the safety of the people here. The dangers will always appear and threaten the peace of the town, you have to build defensive towers and make enemies fail before thinking of destroying this land.

Detailed instruction system

A guide system will appear to help players familiarize themselves with the way the Compass Point: West works. Each work will bring different benefits, players need to ensure the harmony in the construction, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. In general, you will not need to manipulate too much in the game. Just touch the screen to adjust the location of each project, which will help players to create and design a dream town of their own.

Players need to pay attention to the merchandise and gold coins, are the main unit to help you do everything in this game. Of course, they will be visually displayed in the experience screen to make it easier for players to see and understand what they own. Each work will have a certain construction time, you need to wait to receive the worthy achievement.

Extend territory

After ensuring the safety of the town, you can build buildings that serve the purpose of attacking. They will produce special skills for cowboys, along with the ability to use sophisticated guns for large-scale attacks. This is aimed at expanding the territory and plundering resources in various places. You will take full control of this attack, by touching the screen to direct them to the designated location. This will help Compass Point: West bring new tactics, create your own fighting style by downloading games right now.

Relatively impressive graphics

Compass Point: West successfully portrayed the American West, where have a lived peaceful life appearing fiercely at gun battles between criminal gangs and police. With 3D graphics is relatively beautiful, the game brings the quality of the display is extremely lively and true, promising to make you feel satisfied with the first experience. The details in the game are carefully polished in terms of visuals, helping players quickly get into the game quickly.


Overall, Compass Point: West is a really good game to experience at the moment. With the positive feedback in the past, live installation volume is increasing rapidly in recent times. Sure enough, enough to make the player feel the charm of this game. What are you waiting for? Download the game and explore the beautiful land with the fierce battle that the game brings immediately.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Compass Point: West MOD APK or Compass Point: West Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.