Name Color Fill 3D
Publisher Good Job Games
Size 30M
Latest Version 1.47
Platforms Android 5.0, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Remove ADS


Besides the products of the survival role-playing genre, which are storming the electronic entertainment market, simple intellectual games will also be a reasonable choice for entertainment at the present time. Typically, we can mention some outstanding names like Stickman Hook or Bottle Jump 3D. However, in this article, we will learn about a more interesting new product recently released by Good Job Games, which is the Color Fill 3D (MOD, Remove ADS). Right from the launch, this game has been rated as one of the best mobile games to experience among other products of the same category. The game has a simple gameplay and control system but it requires calculations and a little trick if the player wants to win at multiple levels. If you are a person who likes to challenge the brain with IQ games, Color Fill 3D will be a great choice for you. But first, learn some things about it before you start the experience.

Simple but interesting gameplay

Just like the name Color Fill 3D, the game requires the player to fill a large grid of squares by the colored chalk available. And of course, in order to do that, players need to swipe a colorful square to move on the piece of mesh and color it. Where your color block goes, the grid squares instantly change into your color and when all of them are colored, you will win the game. However, players should not spend a lot of time coloring for each square. Instead, you can use the moving color box and sketch following a certain shape to fill inside by your color. This will help players save time and effort to come to victory quickly. However, at difficult levels, each stage will have obstacles that make it difficult for the coloring process. At that time, players need to use a little trick in manipulating color box to easily pass them.

Some tricks to play good Color Fill 3D

Change the direction of movement at any time: During the process of moving the color block in a certain direction, the player can swipe it in another direction if you feel that the direction is wrong. This allows players to avoid obstacles that are moving quickly.

Sketching any shape, the color block will automatically color you: Control the color block to move on the grid in reasonable shape, it will automatically fill the inner space with its color. However, players need to use their intellect to think of the shape they need to draw to make sure they are useful on each level.

Surrounding obstacles to destroy them: In each different level, obstacles that have different color and shape will appear. They can stand still or move at a certain speed. If your color block collides with them, the game will stop because you have lost. However, you can destroy it easily by encircling them with your colors to make them break and disappear quickly.

Create a wall by your color to destroy an obstacle: If a player cannot encircle an obstacle and cause them to break, create a wall by your color to hit them. That will help the player control the color block safely.

Unlock new blocks of color

In some stages, players will encounter sparkling gems during the process of moving color blocks. Touch to collect them because they will help you unlock new blocks of colors with different colors. This will change the experience space to help players feel excited through each screen that the game brings. However, do not pay attention to them too much as that may cause you to lose focus on the game and lead to undue failure. The colored blocks only work to make the game more lively, not to make players win more easily.

Hundreds of interesting levels

Color Fill 3D provides an extremely diverse system of levels. When winning this level, players will experience the next level right after. Winning many levels, players will enjoy as much fun and originality that each screen brings. You will feel surprised by the newly integrated challenges. Along with that, high levels will bring players to more difficulty by integrating multiple obstacles that move across the grid to obstruct the path of the colored block. But don’t worry too much, as long as you know some of the tricks that are learned above, you can overcome them and win. Are you confident that you can conquer many levels in the Color Fill 3D? Let us know the number of levels you passed right after downloading and experiencing the game.

The end

Until now, the Color Fill 3D game has reached 4.3 / 5 rating points on the App Store application from users. This figure proves the impressive attraction of this simple game. Although the game is designed simply in both gameplay and graphic style, players need to use intellect and ruse in a reasonable way to win. Currently, the game has attracted the experience of many players worldwide by the challenge it possesses. Anyone who loves wisdom games will choose Color Fill 3D into the game list on mobile phones or tablets. How about you?

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Color Fill 3D MOD APK or Color Fill 3D Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.