Name Coin Master
Publisher Moon Active
Size 60M
Latest Version 3.5.27
Platforms Android, iOS
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Spins

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As you all know, Pirate Kings have shaken all the players around the world by its simple yet fascinating gameplay. This game has been very successful for a long time, but still reveals some weaknesses that are no longer prevalent at the moment. Since then, Coin Master (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Spins) was born as an upgrade especially from his seniors, the game remains will a simple pirate style but bring new innovations, promising to make players feel excited. The game released by Moon Active is available on both Android and iOS. With a completely free price, players can easily download and experience fast. In this article, I will be with you to learn and appreciate the highlights that this game brings.

Build your own village

The main task in Coin Master is still to build your own village, where the player will have to manipulate the pig to steal resources and take possession of the enemy base, thereby using resources to upgrade the throne. His village became stronger. At the beginning of the game, you will own a deserted island with much potential mining and territorial development. This is also where you will stick and carry out the construction of the early works for your village. Can build things like stables games allow pets, a small garden, the house has a large, awesome right?

In Coin Master, players need to make a lot of money upgrading the buildings become more modern and beautiful. But to compare wealth with other players, you have to earn as many stars as possible. Stars are the measure of wealth in the game, not gold. After building certain works, you will be transferred to the new island. This keeps the game from getting boring.

Rotation luck decides everything

Not a skill or agility, luck is a factor that helps players become stronger in Coin Master. Lucky turn is a special highlight of the game, where you will try your luck to win attractive prizes. In each turn, if lucky you will receive gold, shield, the chance to attack other players.

When you rotary 3 lucky coin icons or gold bags, you will receive a lot of money to upgrade your village quickly. In order to be able to advance and steal resources from other players, you have to rotary three hammer icons in the lucky turn. In addition, the shield is very important in each spin, it will help you avoid an attack coming from the enemy. Especially when hit by 3 pink pigs, will have the opportunity to rob the money of other players easily.

Rotation weak luck is decided your fate in Coin Master, the game depends a lot on the luck element. Download game and see if it will help you beat the other players.

Online attraction mode

This is not an offline game, so players need to have an internet connection to play Coin Master. Online play mode will help players all over the world become closer than ever before, in addition to being able to compete with their friends through social networking Facebook. Each day will have a ranking sum up the number of stars of each person, become the leader in this honor chart.

Graphics simple but eye-catching

Like the gameplay, the graphics of Coin Master are not so eye-catching compared to other titles in the market. Fun game with cute images but no less special. Details such as works, characters, the spin of luck, are portrayed vividly and make a distinctive mark for this game.


Coin Master’s play style is not too different from the Pirates King, although some improvements have been made. However, at the present time Coin Master still won the hearts of many players, it is simple to style and unique in the game, it is suitable for you to entertain the weekend. If you love this game at the present time, you can download Coin Master for Android / iOS for free right now to conquer the rotation luck.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Coin Master MOD APK or Coin Master Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.