Name Cartoon Wars 3
Publisher GAMEVIL
Size 72M
Latest Version 2.0.2
Platforms Android 2.3, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Cartoon Wars 3 APK is the third installment in the attractive game series from the publisher GAMEVIL. In part 3 this is still a war between people and evil monsters persist for a long time. The player continues to play as the commander, leader, and trainer of his army against the relentless attacks of the enemy. It can be seen that the subject of the rods is very interesting and exploited quite a lot from the game publishers in the present time. Some typical games like Stickman Hook or Stickman Legends will definitely not be too strange for players around the world. Therefore, Cartoon Wars 3 will definitely not disappoint you when you combine the familiar stick style and the striking tactical element during the experience. Please join us to find out the outstanding advantages that this game brings immediately.

Perfect upgrade version

It can be seen that Cartoon Wars 3 is a perfect upgrade in all aspects compared to the previous version. It makes the player always feel excited during the experience. In the previous two parts, Cartoon Wars took players into tense battles between a monster and a brave army of soldiers. In this part 3, manufacturer GAMEVIL continues to bring gamers more exciting and outstanding battles with some game modes added with the feature of calling for the help of friends who promise not to make you feel disappointed right from the first time you enjoy the game.

Overall, Cartoon Wars is a highly strategic series of games that require players to always change their attacks if they want to win all the battles they participate in.

There is not much change in gameplay

The gameplay of Cartoon Wars 3 has not changed so much from the previous version when players have to build their own army by rationally using the resources they have. In the game, your task is to control the army of rods to fight hostile forces in order to protect the fort before their powerful attack. This is not a simple task at all because the more powerful the enemy’s power is, the faster it will make you have a lot of difficulties in deploying your strategy.

Basically, players will prepare themselves for different types of soldiers before entering the battle. When your troops kill the enemy, the system will increase mana points and you need to use this score to call for different characters to appear in battle. In addition, players can upgrade and evolve their army to empower them through a few simple operations. Fight and build your own invincible army, then destroy the enemy’s stronghold and use the smartest tactics to protect your stronghold from enemy invasion and attack in this game now.

Many attractive game modes

For the time being, Cartoon Wars 3 gives players three exciting game modes: Raid, Siege and Team Battle. Each game mode is designed in a completely different style, so you can easily select a suitable mode to experience quickly. In addition, you can also alternately change the game mode to not be bored when enjoying the game for a long time.

With Raid mode, you will have to fight with other players around the world to collect the spoils after each battle because they will help build your barracks.

Coming to Siege mode, players need to create a team of 7 different characters to challenge other teams. Your mission is to protect your stronghold from powerful attacks from enemies.

Finally, Team Battle mode will allow players to fight in 4vs4 mode. This means that you will be fighting with the other teammates to win the battle in each battle. After winning, you will earn a lot of rewards as well as rare booty for your army. The special thing is that players will not need to spend mana to join this battle.

Simple but beautiful graphics

Just like other stick-style games on the market today, Cartoon Wars 3 owns graphics quality that is not too impressive but can still satisfy many players worldwide. The details in the game are designed relatively simply by the features that seem somewhat impatient, but this accidentally created a highlight that makes players feel extremely excited when experiencing the game.

It can be seen that the display quality of Cartoon Wars 3 has improved a lot compared to the previous versions that promise to bring you a lot of fun when enjoying. Besides, the transition effect in the game is extremely smooth, allowing players to experience stability on low-profile devices.


Cartoon Wars 3 is really a great game to experience in the present time thanks to the built-in worthwhile upgrade points. With a careful investment from the publisher, this game will definitely be an extremely great choice for those who love the strategy game series combined with traditional stick style. You can download the game via the APK link below this article and experience it immediately.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Cartoon Wars 3 MOD APK or Cartoon Wars 3 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.