Name BTS World
Publisher Netmarble
Size 96M
Latest Version 1.3.2
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Are you an ARMY and you always want to explore the lives of BTS members? Now, you can do it easily with BTS World APK, the latest newly released product of Korea’s leading entertainment company Netmarble. Although only recently released, it seems that the game has caused fever worldwide. Present, the game this takes the 1 spot in terms most installments on the App Store in Korea and 32 other countries. In addition, it is also extremely hot in many countries like the US, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand,… Is a game belongs to the traditional management type that is similar to the gameplay of SuperStar BTS, also quite popular recently? In BTS World, you will have the opportunity to become a manager to help develop the journey of becoming a world star of music BTS members by making wise decisions that any ARMY wants to experience once in life. But first, learn about the outstanding features of this game right now.

Become a talent manager

BTS World is a simulation game that combines traditional management elements. The context of the game is in 2012, the early years of establishing the BTS group. In the game, you will have the opportunity to work for BigHit as a group manager on both their career and private lives. BTS boys were originally just boys with wild and daring dreams but they will become talented musicians thanks to your wise decisions in this game. The game allows you to better understand the work of a manager in the field of music and communications while giving you the opportunity to interact and explore BTS’s deep secrets. Secret inside gives you a huge amount of information and interesting about the boys who are the dream lovers of many girls. Are you ready to become their manager?

Perform interesting tasks

BTS World brought players to the stages before BTS debuted to pursue a management role and motivated the group to become a global star. In it, you need to collect membership cards to unlock new content and stories. Can perform task deletion or upgrade the game through these tags. The game allows you to interact directly, discover the personal life of the members. From there, you will learn more about this group to have ideas to help them grow on their musical path. Therefore, the game is very much sought after by players because it can bring a feeling of closeness and intimacy to the fans to their idols.

7 members with 7 completely different stories

Despite being a popular group, our boys are quite secretive about their private lives as well as differences in personality and musical style. The game brings 7 stories that correspond to the 7 personality boys of BTS. Eg:

  • Entropy tree: organized by Jimin. With gameplay has relatively simple, you have the task of finding 3 differences between the two pictures available and passing 8 levels of integration.
  • Memory field: held by Suga. There are 8 levels you need to overcome in this story, it reflects the storage of your memory. You have 15 seconds to remember the details of some group-related images and answer the required questions later.

In addition, you can also make calls, videos, text messages with your favorite members or share on the social network the unique photos that the game brings. So prepare a phone with a full battery and Internet connection to experience it completely.

Image quality

The game brings more than 1000 photos with true quality about the popular boy band of BTS. That allows you to admire a variety of images and exclusive stories of this group from the game. If you are a true ARMY, there is no reason you can skip a game that is extremely popular this right? Download the game via the link below, to help the game quickly to get to the BTS world immediately.

Some comments about BTS World

BTS World is really one of the most popular games at the moment. Allows players to have the most authentic experiences to get close and interact with their idols. The game also provides a huge amount of information and exclusively about BTS so you can discover the way to build the experience and image of the ARMY boys in the easiest way. There are ideas that this game from Netmarble is too immature and not really gives the best experience for the player. There are a lot of complaints that the game often suffers from server errors, technical problems, and other troubles. However, this can only be a number of comments from a difficult player and the publisher is considering this. Please experience and give your own opinion.

The game is currently available and free on both App Store and Google Play, supporting both Android and iOS platforms. So you can download the game and enjoy it with just a few basic steps.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download BTS World MOD APK or BTS World Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.