NameBrothers in Arms® 3
Publisher Gameloft
Latest Version1.4.9a
PlatformsAndroid 4.0, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money


Brothers in Arms® 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money) was officially released on the mobile game market a long time ago and quickly became one of the most successful action genre games from publisher Gameloft. Basically, the Brothers in Arms® 3 gameplay is quite similar to the current popular FPS games such as BlackShot M or Squad Conflicts that promises to bring players great moments of experience right on your phone. This game impressed us by the gameplay formula that combines the first-person shooter style, the cover-up mechanism behind the barrier and the group tactical element that will definitely not make you feel disappointed throughout the process of enjoying. Brothers in Arms® 3 is currently available on both App Store and Google Play allowing players to easily download games and experience quickly. Let us find out some highlights from this game.

Background of world war

Brothers in Arms® 3 will bring players to the world wars to help the Allies can repel powerful troops of the Fascist faction. You will join your teammates against the huge army system and be equipped with strong firepower if you want to win the war. Combine well with other players, thereby supporting each other in difficult situations to fight the enemy. Are you ready to change history in this game yet? Download the game using the APK link below this article to do it now.

Familiar gameplay

It can be seen that the Brothers in Arms® 3 gameplay is not much different from the same games, making it easy for players to get acquainted right from the first game experience. The game has been improved compared to the game of normal FPS style, you will be able to participate in battles under the third perspective and perform intense firefights with the enemy during the war. In addition, each stage of the game is arranged with sand dunes, ruined walls that allow gamers to rely on their backs, choosing to avoid the storms of crazy bullets flying ahead.

You will have to try to destroy all enemies on the map if you want to win the game in each level. Of course, this is a task that is not easy at all because you will face many dangerous enemies during the course of the task. Show off your talents by defeating each enemy through powerful shots. Note, accurate shooting is also one of the important factors to help you defeat opponents quickly.

Upgrade weapons system

Participating in the game, players will discover extremely diverse weapons arsenal built in each game screen. It turns out that some of them have Sten, M1-Garand, Kar-98K, MP-40 for semi-automatic lines, SVT-40 for rifle lines,… Each type of gun can be upgraded during the battle. This is shown by the mechanism of the multi-level upgrade from firing speed, reload speed, recoil, and bullet volume on each tape … coming from the game. Bringing a system that is extremely diverse and quality like that really helps players have more motivation to experience the game continuously for a long time.

In addition, Brothers in Arms® 3 also brings extremely useful teammates in every battle. By destroying lots of enemies in the game screen, you will have the opportunity to fill the icon on the right corner of the screen, which will allow you to call the air force to aid and blow away all enemies even if they appear on the map or hide behind solid barriers.

Graphics quality is extremely beautiful

It can be said that graphics quality is one of the most outstanding advantages coming from this game. Brothers in Arms® 3 built images based on 3D graphics format makes the details of the game become more vivid and sharp than ever. You will enjoy the quality of extremely sharp display during the experience through details such as buttons, jaws, weapons systems to smoky dusty skin bombs that the game brings. This will allow players to easily enjoy the fierce atmosphere of real-world battles right on their phone’s screen.

The sound system is carefully invested

In terms of sound, Brothers in Arms® 3 possesses good quality with magnificent music but has not appeared much during the experience. In addition, the sounds emit environment and gunfire are shown quite well to give players a heroic atmosphere during the game experience. Overall, the sound quality in the game really made us feel extremely impressed right from the first time we enjoyed it. How about you? Quickly experience the game and make your comments right away.


Brothers in Arms® 3 is really an extremely carefully invested game in terms of gameplay as well as the image quality it brings. This will help players easily participate in extremely fierce battles, thereby expressing their talents to pass all the tasks built in the game. The game is currently available on both Android and IOS platforms, requiring players to use version 4.0 and 6.0 respectively to be able to install and experience the game quickly. In addition, the APK link below this article is also not a bad choice.

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