Name BlackShot M: Gears
Publisher Vertigo Games
Size 79M
Latest Version 1.00.009
Platforms Android 4.2, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


Now you can download BlackShot M: Gears APK on both online stores like App Store and Google Play for a quick experience. This is a product adapted from the same name FPS game on the PC platform. It has created a lot of success until now and launched the mobile version to meet the needs of many players all over the world. The publisher Vertigo Games Inc. has understood the player’s intentions by allowing players to freely experience the game through a recent Beta version to gather ideas for developing their products. Basically, BlackShot M: Gears gameplay is quite similar to other popular FPS games in the current gaming market like Call of Duty: Strike Team or Dead Trigger 2, whether this game really makes you feel Impressive right from the first experience? Please refer to this article to better understand the special highlights from BlackShot M: Gears.

Future background

Unlike most products of the same genre, BlackShot M: Gears focuses on exploiting the future context that promises to give players a lot of surprises when experiencing. The earth is threatened by forces from all over the galaxy, making peace for all humanity at stake. Countries that have summoned the best people to form an army to stop this fierce war, of course, you will be part of this highly-screened army of good fighters. Players will be immersed in the exciting battles along with the coordination with their teammates to be able to win quickly. Are you ready? Join BlackShot M: Gears by downloading the game using the APK link below immediately.

The difference lies in the control system

It can be seen that the control system is the BlackShot M: Gears Gears become different from the rest. Virtual buttons in the game have a change in design that makes players feel new but not too difficult to manipulate. The player will still help his character move through the virtual steering wheel integrated on the left of the screen and perform actions such as jumping, accelerating, replacing bullets, … with virtual keys to the right of the game screen. In addition, you can rearrange the joystick in the game according to your needs for more convenient operation.

Fierce battles

Before starting the game, players need to give their characters a name and make some specific instructions to better understand the gameplay it brings. You will join a large battlefield, where you have to face other players around the world and play in 4vs4 mode. Overall, this is really a very difficult challenge for each player himself. You should concentrate on the experience and coordinate well with your teammates if you don’t want to be defeated quickly.

The battle will take place within the prescribed time, within 5 minutes your team needs to have more points to defeat the enemy in order to win. In addition, if one of the two teams gets 100 points down, it will become the winner immediately without having to wait for the time to play.

If unfortunately being defeated by the enemy, don’t worry too much, you’ll be revived soon after to continue the battle until one of the two teams wins. This will give players the chance to correct mistakes many times in a battle, but don’t let your character die too much or there will be a lot of disadvantages. In addition, there will be ambulance boxes that appear randomly on the map so you can compensate for the amount of blood that has been lost when battling opponents.

Great weapon system

The next highlight comes from BlackShot M: Gears lies in the extremely diverse and unique weapon system. The weapons in the game will help players can easily choose and change in each battle to feel the fun they bring. You should choose for yourself the most powerful weapon to become the main weapon during the experience because it is very difficult to master a gun. In addition, players can upgrade their weapons with the money earned through each battle. Please upgrade it properly to be able to optimize the amount of damage they bring.

Beautiful 3D graphics platform

Graphics quality in BlackShot M: Gears really made us feel impressed when it was equipped with an extremely beautiful 3D graphics format. The details of the game are portrayed relatively successfully, contributing to bringing players to a fierce battlefield with high-level shootings along with many competitors around the world. The transition effect in the game is quite smooth, so you can enjoy the game in a stable way on low-profile devices.


Although only being tested, but what BlackShot M: Gears brings is really worth it for you to expect in a traditional FPS style product. The game is now widely available throughout major online stores such as Google Play and the App Store, so you should download the game to experience to provide accurate feedback to help publishers improve the remaining issues in the next update version. Also, just click the APK link below this article to enjoy the game quickly.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download BlackShot M: Gears MOD APK or BlackShot M: Gears Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.