Name Birdy Trip
Publisher Bloop Games
Size 24M
Latest Version 1.1.8
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Stars, No ADS


Flappy bird is a pretty popular game in long run, thanks to the very simple gameplay that brings the inhibition to the player in the experience. You will always be attracted to this game, and it is difficult to take your eyes off the screen. At the present time, it is no longer favored by players all over the world. Knowing his time, the publisher of Bloop Games has transformed and created a brand new game called Birdy Trip (MOD, Unlimited Stars/No ADS). In general, this game is not too different from the older players but possesses remarkable improvements that will surely make the player feel good. In this article, I will introduce some advantages that Birdy Trip bring.

The journey to find relatives

Birdy Trip follows a very simple storyline where players will have the task of putting your bird to find missing loved ones around the world. This is an endless and no end where you have to be very careful in avoiding obstacles in front of you so that you can extend the journey, helping the bird find as many relatives as possible in this game. Are you ready to take on this exciting adventure yet?

The adventure full of traps

Actually, this journey is not easy, players face many challenges to achieve the highest score. Your bird will continue flying until you reach the obstacle and fall down, which means that the adventure will close immediately after. You have to do everything to help your bird save lives as long as possible.

Players will easily get used to Birdy Trip‘s controls in a short amount of time, simply touching the screen to help his bird fly up a certain distance. However, it will fall freely if you do not touch the screen continuously. This will keep players focused on this game, just a moment of distraction may cost you quite expensive.

The obstacles will appear constantly in your journey, of course, everything will be very easy when just starting the game. After a certain amount of time, the obstacles will appear at high frequencies that will prevent the player from reacting. Birdy Trip was very creative because creating a lot of obstacles with different uses but the same goal was to stop the player’s journey immediately. Interesting is not it?

Obstacles diversified

Birdy Trip brings many obstacles in different shapes but still ensures harmony in this adventure. The crows constantly move towards you, the majestic mountains or the dark clouds always stand still and waiting for the poor birds to touch them,… all make a journey full of fun cover experience for players.

Also, when touching the same birds will make them fly with you. This mode of operation is quite similar to the game Zombies Tsunami, the game only really finished when no longer of your bird on the map. Try to collect as many birds as possible to survive long in Birdy Trip.

Breaking the limit

Birdy Trip allows the player to break his record at various levels. This will add to the appeal of this game, which puts the player in a state of inhibition every time he loses and makes you try harder on the next level. Besides, it brings fierce competition to other players. This is a pretty interesting part, making the game attract a large number of participants.

Beautiful design

Owned gameplay is relatively simple, so the graphics in the game equipped with the 2D format is very reasonable. However, the image quality of Birdy Trip is also a notable highlight. The details in the game are built in fun cartoon style, makes the game suitable for all ages players. You will be taking part in some exciting and unexpected adventures awaiting you.

The end

According to the review, Birdy Trip is a perfect upgrade compared to the older generation. The game is full of elements to become one of the leading names in the world at the moment. It will help you get great moments of entertainment right on your phone.

Depending on your needs, you can download Birdy Trip MOD APK or Birdy Trip Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.