Name Ball Mayhem
Publisher VOODOO
Size 66M
Latest Version 2.7
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


Following the success of products like The Fish Master! or RADIAL, Voodoo publisher continues to bring to the market a very interesting and interesting game called Ball Mayhem (MOD, Unlimited Money). This is a simple traditional genre game combined with rugby sports that promise to help players get great moments of experience right on their phones. It is a pity that Ball Mayhem is only released on the App Store and there is no specific time to launch on Google Play, so it will greatly affect the experience needs of device owners use the Android operating system. But don’t worry too much, the APK link below this article will help you experience the game extremely easy. Join us for a few comments on this fascinating game now.

The method of control is extremely simple

Just like other games from Voodoo publishers, Ball Mayhem has a very simple and easy-to-understand control method to help players quickly master the game right from the first game experience. You just need to touch the screen and perform a swipe to help the player on the field move immediately without having to do anything else. Basically, this control operation is relatively familiar with games of the same genre, so the player does not take too much time to learn. Overall, the control system in the game is also one of the notable highlights that helped it achieve 4.8 / 5 points ratings and App Store reviews until now.

Attractive matches

The play of the Ball Mayhem is developed based on traditional rugby. When you experience the game, you will be able to participate in the football match with an extremely grand scale. Your task is to control your player to bring the rugby ball to the opponent’s area so that he can win immediately. Of course, this will not be simple at all, please use the ability to observe the situation along with the logical operation to be able to become the strongest team in the game right away.

In the first game screen, everything will be extremely easy for players when your opponent will move quite slowly and it is difficult to get the ball from your player’s hand. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this time to get used to the gameplay that the game brings in the shortest time before facing more challenging challenges.

The system of Ball Mayhem play screen is relatively diverse and arranged according to the increasing difficulty level to help players feel excited when they overcome the challenges that the game brings. Are you ready to conquer new heights in the game yet? Download the game and help your team do it now.

The strategy is the key to success

Although it is a game developed in a simple style, Ball Mayhem still provides a tactical element to help players not feel bored during the game experience. You need to ensure a balance between attack and defense in each game if you don’t want your opponent to rob the ball and score easily. If the opponent keeps the ball, then gather your players to win the ball in any way before it’s too late because just for them to score, everything will be extremely bad. Therefore, you need to determine the attack or defense in certain situations if you want to win every match you participate in.

Each game in the game will be played for a certain period of time, so you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have to gain the advantage before the opponent if you do not want them to get ahead easily.

The system of characters is very various

Ball Mayhem also brings a relatively diverse character system to help players change in each game. You can use the money you earn or make a real deposit in the game to buy the characters you want. Remember the higher the character’s index, the more money you will need to spend. In addition, players can spend $ 2.99 to remove ads during the game experience. This will help you not encounter unnecessary interruptions when playing games.

Nice display quality

The game possesses a relatively nice and vivid graphics format, although it cannot be compared to the current super products but can still satisfy the players who love simplicity. The details in Ball Mayhem are portrayed successfully when it comes to intense and exciting rugby matches. Players will feel the wonderful atmosphere through the images of cheering fans around the stands. This will help you always feel excited and unable to take your eyes off the screen when playing the game.


Games from Voodoo publishers always give players a great experience and Ball Mayhem is no exception. This game still retains the traditionally simple style as the previous products, along with improving and integrating completely different gameplay will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied as soon as you enjoy.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Ball Mayhem MOD APK or Ball Mayhem Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.