Name Bad Piggies
Publisher Rovio
Size 70M
Latest Version 2.3.5
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Scrap


After the great success of the famous Angry Birds game, publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation has continuously developed products that follow this game’s play style and achieved a lot of remarkable achievements in the game market. Bad Piggies (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Scrap) is one of them, it is considered to be another version of the famous Angry Birds game that promises to give players the extremely exciting moments right on their phone. Players will be transformed into pigs to build unique cars to find everything important, necessary for stealing the eggs of the angry birds on the island. Basically, the game of Bad Piggies is built in the traditional puzzle style quite similar to the current attractive games like Trivia Crack 2 or Zoo Zoo Arena will definitely not make you feel disappointed when enjoying. Join us to learn some notable highlights that it brings immediately.

The gameplay has been significantly improved

It can be seen that the play of Bad Piggies has improved quite a lot compared to the games of the famous Angry Birds series. In the game, you will no longer see the appearance of slingshot, birds or wooden castles during the experience. Instead, the game provides players with familiar parts such as chassis, propellers, wheels, … to help you create homemade cars to help your pig move to the position to drag the flag and collect the randomly placed stars along the way.

In some scenarios, in addition to designing the x echo yourself, the player must stay away from angry birds because they will use a slingshot to shoot you. Away from their shooting force if you do not want a human car Play exploded, broke, separated, leading to a quick defeat. What are you waiting for? Quickly download the game with the link APK below to start your challenge right now.

Create unique cars

Before facing tough challenges, you’ll start with the basics – boxes where pigs will safely hide in them, wheels to attach to boxes to help them move, … It can be seen, the play of Bad Piggies is relatively complicated, making players encounter many difficulties during the experience process. However, the publisher tried to build the easiest tools to use as possible. Users simply drag and drop the shapes they want to use and they will be in place. Like Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is great in that it teaches you mechanical knowledge through the process of enjoying the game.

In general, Bad Piggies provides players with the necessary tools to help you complete your homemade cars easily. Keep in mind that each level of play you will have to change the design structure of the vehicle to be able to overcome the obstacles ahead quickly. To do this is not simple at all, it requires players to have a high concentration as well as to be really clever if they want to overcome the challenges that this game brings.

Lots of unique gameplay

Just like the previous products, Bad Piggies is also equipped with a number of diverse screens to help players always feel excited whenever a challenge comes from the game. Besides the challenges that are always waiting, Bad Piggies creates restrictions to make it difficult for players. The only way to unlock the next level is by completing the previous level and having a lot of trouble when you experience it unless you buy the support items that are sold in the store.

In addition, Bad Piggies also brings two completely different chapters to make it easier for players to choose to experience. Each chapter in the game will possess the difficulty as well as require the player to perform different tasks that will surely make you feel extremely excited. If you can’t cross the Ground Hog Day chapter, you can switch to play at When Pigs Fly so you don’t feel depressed when you can’t complete the assigned challenge. In general, you should alternate between these two chapters to experience because it will keep you excited when playing games.

Vivid animation graphic style

In addition to the above advantages, the graphics quality in Bad Piggies also makes us really feel impressed with what it brings. This game is built based on 3D graphics format to make the game’s details become clearer and more vivid than ever, promising not to disappoint you right from the first experience. Like previous products from the publisher Rovio, this game is also equipped with extremely lively animated graphic style with full of different colors will definitely make you feel interesting when enjoying the game.


Bad Piggies is a game full of outstanding advantages of a traditional puzzle game. Besides, it still maintains the challenging levels that Angry Birds possess, but there is no shortage of easy gameplay that anyone can pass quickly. If you are a person who likes to challenge, then this game will satisfy you immediately. Quickly download the game right through the App Store or Google Play to enjoy the special things that it brings right now.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Bad Piggies MOD APK or Bad Piggies Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.