Name Bad 2 Bad: Extinction
Size 92M
Latest Version 2.5.0
Platforms Android 4.4
Price Free
MOD Features Unlimited Money


BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION (MOD, Unlimited Money) is considered the sequel to the famous BAD 2 BAD game series from the publisher by DAWINSTONE. After the success of the previous two versions, Delta and Tango, the publisher decided to develop a game that incorporates many new features but still retains the traditional playing style that promises not to make players feel disappointed right from the first experience. It can be seen that the common point between BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION and the famous action games in the present time such as Horrorfield or Marvel Contest of Champions are the styles of action combined with extremely well-invested role-playing elements and achieve the perfection. What is special is that this game has just been released not too long ago but received a lot of positive reviews from the gaming community around the world, so you can be assured of the appeal that it brings.

Additional on the plot side

BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION is the previous version with Delta content, where players will become a true commander to help their task force defeat the terrorist organization like Al-Qatala of Gortat al-Llama. This is not a simple task at all because you will be faced with fierce resistance from unjust terrorists. They are equipped with high-end weapons and powerful military systems promise to make you very difficult during the experience.

However, you are not alone in the fierce battles that the game brings. BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION allows players to assemble a special team of elite warriors to help you accomplish your mission easily. In addition, if you are a person who loves independence and wants to fight alone in the war in the game, the game will still meet your needs easily but that is not a wise idea.

In general, BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION has upgraded a lot in terms of plot compared to previous versions that promise to bring you the freshest and most wonderful experience possible.

The control mechanism is not too new but really interesting

Although BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION possesses a control system that is not too new but still has a unique highlight compared to other games of the same type in the current game market. In the game, you can use some familiar virtual keys to help characters perform actions such as throwing grenades, moving, tumbling … in an extremely easy way. The special thing is that the game allows the player to control up to 5 characters in each battle, but you can only control one character, the captain and other characters automatically support you in during the war.

Fight with many different enemies

In BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION, players will have to face many different enemies in order to win each game. Especially the game gives you 5 main types of enemies including Purebloods (PS), Wilders (WD), Underdogs (UD), Tailless Legion (TL) and Amazoness (AZ). Each type of enemy will be unlocked in different missions to help players feel excited during the game experience. You should remember that they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so learn this thoroughly to make the most suitable fighting method in each battle.

In each stage, there will be many innocent people hiding in places that are not really safe and can be sacrificed at any time. So you should move constantly to search and take them to safe shelters before being discovered by enemy troops. This is also a humanistic goal that is harmoniously integrated to make this game fun.

Customize characters

The next highlight comes from BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION is the fact that all characters in the game are not human. They are all relatively familiar animals for each of us like pandas, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, rabbits, … with the ability to move quickly and act as a professional soldier. The game brings more than 20 different characters to help players easily choose for themselves a suitable character to accompany in extremely fierce battles. Besides, players can use the money they earn through each game screen to customize the costumes for their characters quickly.

Pretty good graphics

BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION is extremely elaborate in terms of graphics, contributing to making players feel like they are present in the truly fierce battles that the game brings. The characters have a relatively beautiful shape but still, retain the character of the soldier will surely make you feel impressed right from the first experience. In general, display quality is really one of the factors that make this game successful in the present time.


Although we have to face many competitors of the same type in the gaming market, we believe that BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION will not make you feel disappointed with what it brings. This game owns attractive role-playing gameplay, familiar manipulation, beautiful visual effects along with the lively sound system will surely bring extremely attractive and fierce battles right above your experience screen.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION MOD APK or BAD 2 BAD: EXTINCTION Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.