Name AxE: Alliance vs Empire
Publisher NEXON Company
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.05.00
Platforms Android 4.4, iOS 9.0
Price Free
MOD Features No


The continuous development of immersive games such as Evoland or Rogue Hearts makes the following launches more complete in many ways if they want to get a certain place in the current game market now on. Understanding the global trend, the publisher NEXON Company – the father of a series of famous products has officially launched its latest game called AxE: Alliance vs Empire APK. Basically, its gameplay is immersive style combined with traditional action elements that promise to give players a lot of surprises during the experience process. AxE: Alliance vs Empire is currently available on both Google Play and App Store to make it easy to download for players around the world, but this game is not really complete yet so you need to wait another short period of time to discover all the highlights it brings.

The background is relatively familiar

The context in the game revolves around the battle without the end between the two strongest kingdoms at that time. You will be transformed into one of the character classes Blader, Titan, Archer, Mage, Guardian, and Warrior to perform the mission of ending the meaningless war that has taken place for hundreds of years. Are you ready to change destiny? Quickly download the game to be able to unify the world and maintain inherent peace.

In general, the context in AxE: Alliance vs Empire is not really different from the same genre of products, so players can feel the seamlessness throughout the experience. In addition, the game is currently being developed in many languages around the world to make it easier for players to access and enjoy games.

Good instruction system

Before starting your journey, you need to choose one of the 6 character classes that the game brings to be able to experience the game. Each kingdom will be divided into 3 different characters, if you choose a certain character, then you will have to help the nation of the character to win the war. AxE: Alliance vs Empire also allows players to freely customize the appearance of the character through a number of features that change hairstyle, skin color, facial expressions or unique outfits … all Both are integrated into this game to help players get the best experience possible.

Players will have to pass the initial training to be able to start their journey in the game. It will help you better understand the gameplay and operating system that AxE: Alliance vs Empire brings. With intuitive controls on the experience screen, you can easily control your character to move and use powerful skills through a simple operation.

Endless journey

Players will begin their own journey immediately after completing the basic training course in the game. You will be free to move around on the map to perform the assigned tasks while destroying the monsters will be an extremely reasonable choice to receive powerful equipment.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire gives players an immense world to explore new and unique locations skillfully integrated into the game. Here you will be acquainted with other players around the world, meeting and making friends with them will help you gain certain advantages in confrontations with evil enemies. With an extremely diverse task system, players can choose between following the in-game principles to feel the seamlessness and better understanding of the plot that the game brings, or you can Join fierce PvP battles to show off your talents.

In addition, the game also allows players to upgrade their weapons with available materials or customize defensive armor to ensure a balance between the two elements of attack and defense. Do everything that you think is best to help the character become stronger in each battle.

The image quality is excellent

The graphics in AxE: Alliance vs Empire has greatly improved compared to other immersive products when equipped with 3D graphics format built on the Unreal Engine 4 platform for extremely sharp display quality. The details of the game are beautifully portrayed by carefully designed lines from talented artists from the publisher NEXON Company that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied when enjoying. The battle in the game is quite outstanding thanks to the smooth transition effect and the built-in color harmony. However, to be able to enjoy the game in a stable way you need to own a device with a high enough configuration.


Until now, AxE: Alliance vs Empire is truly one of the most exciting new games thanks to the many outstanding advantages it brings. You can enjoy fascinating epic battles thanks to the high-quality graphics and a built-in sound system. Please wait a little longer to be able to experience the game more comprehensively through the next updates. Right now, you can download games through the world’s two largest online stores, App Store and Google Play, to enjoy the game quickly. In addition, the APK link below this article will also not be a bad choice.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download AxE: Alliance vs Empire MOD APK or AxE: Alliance vs Empire Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.