Name Arena of Evolution
Publisher HERO Game
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.8.11
Platforms Android 4.1, iOS 11.0
Price Free
MOD Features One Hit/God Mode


Auto Chess is currently the most beloved strategy game of the moment. It received great reviews from major game critics around the world. Therefore, it is normal to have some games in the market inspired by Auto Chess play. In this article, we will introduce you to the Arena of Evolution (MOD, One Hit/God Mode) – a traditional card-style strategy game recently released from the publisher HERO Game. If the familiar strategy games like Z Day: Hearts of Heroes or Mobile Royale does not make you feel satisfied, then experience Arena of Evolution immediately to feel the difference it brings. But first, let’s join us to explore some of the highlights that come from this fascinating game.

“Auto Chess” phenomenon

As you may know, Dota 2’s custom map Auto Chess is one of the hottest games in the market recently. Not only is it attractive to many players worldwide, but Auto Chess is also attractive to manufacturers when the game publishers wish to attract players who love this subject. They have consistently released Auto Chess style imitation products to help players get the most suitable choice to experience. One of those versions is the Arena of Evolution that is developed by HERO Game which promises to bring you an unforgettable experience right on your phone.

Overall, Arena of Evolution is a real-time strategy game where you will face other opponents in battles that are tough and challenging with the sole purpose of winning the battle. This game is full of modes and features similar to Auto Chess that will surely make you feel happy when you enjoy.

How to play Arena of Evolution

Basically, the gameplay of Arena of Evolution is relatively complicated compared to the common ground but not difficult to learn. The battles in the game are divided into 2 main stages to help players easily approach the gameplay that it brings easier. In the first stage, you will have to select the pieces you want to deploy and place them on the battlefield as best as possible. In the second stage, you just need to wait and watch your battle happen automatically until it ends. Depending on the final outcome of the battle, you will receive rewards corresponding to the achievements you have achieved.

After that, players will be allowed to join a new battle round. Remember that in the middle of each battle you will be allowed to use the money you have collected to buy new characters or upgrade existing troops to increase their power quickly.

In addition, the Arena of Evolution consists of more than 60 different pieces. Each piece owns special abilities and skills. Therefore, there are many of these skills that also allow you to create synergy based on your current lineup, so learning how to fight them is one of the really important factors let you win in every match you join.

The battle is extremely tense

Arena of Evolution is a game that requires players to use their thinking and creativity if they want to defeat other opponents in intense battles. You do not need to perform too fast operations like other games in the game market today, in this game you will have to study your lineup very carefully to maximize your power of each character brings.

The game offers a lot of options to arrange the battle position by race so players can freely develop their tactics easily. Depending on the situation, you should change the position of your formation sequentially in each match if you do not want to be captured by the opponent and neutralize your attacks. What are you waiting for? Join the Arena of Arena of Evolution now to show your talents by making your army a champion in every battle.

Fancy and bright 3D graphics

You can see how to design graphics in the Arena of Evolution has been developed quite similar to Auto Chess but still creates new for players during the experience. The details are designed very carefully and elaborately in terms of images that bring vividness but no less attractive in the battles that the game brings. Images of the characters in the game show their unique uniqueness in terms of appearance that will not make you feel disappointed right from the first time you enjoy. Overall, this game possesses extremely beautiful graphics quality and there are not too many things to criticize.


Arena of Evolution is an extremely interesting strategy game that promises to bring players great experiences through brainstorming battles with other competitors around the world. Although there are many similarities to the famous Auto Chess game, we are confident that the Arena of Evolution will still be a very reasonable choice for those who love playing strategy game series in the present time.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Arena of Evolution MOD APK or Arena of Evolution Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.