Name Among The Dead Ones
Publisher Nicky Lee
Size 38M
Latest Version 0.0.53
Platforms Android
Price Free
MOD Features No


After many series of horror games, today APKMOD continues to introduce to you a game of the type of diary called Among The Dead Ones APK + OBB. The game was released version Beta on March 9, 2018. By Nicky Lee released exclusively on the Android and iOS platforms, you can now access the Google Play store and the App Store to install the game. With up to 800 MB of storage, this product only supports today’s mobile devices and tablet PCs. The game Among The Dead Ones is survival that combines zombies, with the same gameplay as WarZ: Law of Survival, promises to bring a whole new experience to the world. No longer line, invite you to go to the review, to learn interesting things in this product.

Introduce Among The Dead Ones – Best Survival horror game

Among The Dead Ones owns a zombies-themed storyline, simulating a world devastated by bloodthirsty monsters. With the rapidly spreading virus epidemic, it destroyed the civilization of mankind and became ashes. At this point, you are one of those lucky enough to escape, after the virus epidemic and the monster Abyss. But there are still so many difficulties because now you have no food, drink, or friends. At this point, you need to travel through the wilderness, desert, and the city without a shadow, to escape the zombie’s monsters. If you do not want them to eat meat, then you need to find the weapons to fight them, only you have any mistakes, also pay the price of your life.

Conquer the fascinating gameplay

Step in-game Among The Dead Ones, a world of ruined and ruined, lifeless, will appear in front of you. Your first task is to move your life, by looking for food and water in abandoned homes, or even a trash can. Your strength is limited, if not eaten in time, you will probably die and have to play again from the beginning. Besides the zombies, you are hunting everywhere, so you need to dodge and cover up very carefully. Or you can fight them, by collecting equipment like guns and ammo. Use these weapons to find the last chance to survive the zombies. In particular, this game also provides a very convenient feature, players can use a Smartwatch to see their health status.

Weapon system

The weapon system, Among The Dead Ones, has quite a variety of weapons for you to search. From pistols, flamethrowers, or even strong shotguns, to survive in the fight against zombies. With equipment and supplies scattered all over the map, but you also need to pay attention to find items really useful. Because you will not have time to pick up other items because zombies are always ready to attack you at any time.

Character system

Aside from the diverse arsenal, the character system becomes poorly over-permitted. The game has only one character, hopefully, in the next version, the developer can add more characters, bring diversity when the game experience.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Among The Dead Ones owns a very true design platform, with the dark colors of the dark end of the world. From the scary images of zombies to bloodthirsty fantasies throughout the city, it certainly brings a sense of total horror. In addition, the effect of light ingenious light will stand the hearts of the most passionate player. Accompanying that is the time, and the weather changes as well as the real world. In addition, the sound system is quite murky, feeling quite scary for all players to participate.


Overall, Among The Dead Ones is a survival game combining great zombies this year. Everything in this game is absolutely perfect, with many interesting things waiting for you to break. If you are curious about this game, can Download Among The Dead Ones for Android / iOS for free, via the link below this article. In addition, next time will update the version of Among The Dead Ones, to help people can experience on the computer.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Among The Dead Ones MOD APK or Among The Dead Ones Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.