You probably already know, after the great success of the products Knives Out, Rules of Survival, and Onmyoji, the publisher NetEase Games recently launched a game called FortCraft from around the world. This is a breakthrough step in the survival game genre, as the company is quicker than Epic Games to launch new products. Currently, this game is officially available in the Google Play store and App Store, with a capacity of 400 MB supporting all current mobile devices and tablets. FortCraft is a survival action game, there are similar styles Fortnite Battle Royale, from gameplay to graphics, promises to be one of the stiffest competition with Epic Games. But maybe we ought to ignore that and go for a more in-depth look at this product.

Introduce FortCraft – Survival game from NetEase Games

FortCraft for Android is an improved and optimized version of Fortnite BR on PC. However, this game retains the special features in the gameplay and graphics. As a survival game, you will be dropped from a Boing plane on an uninhabited island with 99 other players. Start a survival battle on this island, when you absolutely do not have any of this support item. Because in this game, is a war of survival without friends, all encounters will be enemies of each other. The map will gradually shrink over time, and the thing you survive to become the only player to survive on this map is skills, tactics, and survival.

Start the fight to survive 1/99 other players

Step into the game FortCraft for iOS, your task is to quickly collect equipment such as firearms, shotguns, bullets … are scattered all over the map. Along with the items that assist in survival such as shovels, knives, hammers, … and other vehicles such as cars, tanks, helicopters … ready for all skirmish. Special features in this game, not the classic gunfight, but also allow players to build defensive bases such as Fortress, posters, and some hidden places to hide, so you can easily protect yourself.

Note: When you fall down from the airplane, pay attention to the uninhabited fortresses, factories, or workshops you need to get to these locations to pick up items. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the location of his release to many enemies, to easily cover and fill the market waiting for loopholes of the enemy. Because this is a survival game, there is no place for mistakes, if you do not want to pay the price of life. This makes FortCraft games quicker, more dramatic and attractive than their predecessors.

The weapon system is diverse

The biggest difference in the version FortCraft mobile is that it’s a fairly new weapon system. No longer are the same military weapons as before, but the game also provides guns Bazooka that has the power to break 100 times the normal gun. With its well-built fort and bunker systems, heavy-duty guns are a useful weapon in destroying enemy recs. As the number of Bazooka guns on the map is limited, you need to use them properly.


In addition to the new weapons system, you also experience fast-moving vehicles with cars, tanks, helicopters. On the other hand, they are very detrimental to you, because they are quite obvious, can easily be observed by the enemy. Therefore, I recommend that you use less transportation, except for emergencies and special occurrences.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, FortCraft has a rather glossy 3D design, with slightly lighter design than the PC version. Although the graphics quality of the game is not too high, it brings all the smooth experience. With the images are simulated by the bright colors, giving people the image of life. Everything in the game is good enough to give people the best experience this summer. In addition, the sound system of the game is extremely exciting and exciting, with the soundtrack of the gunshot, bomb explosion, the car runs, is dubbed extremely detailed and authentic.


Overall, FortCraft is a very well-rounded survival action game that will surely bring you surprises. If you are a survivor of the survival category, you can download FortCraft for Android / iOS for free, following the link below. In addition, APKMod also offers a version of FortCraft APK, which allows everyone in other countries to experience on the PC. Remember, regularly visit our website, to encourage employees to be more motivated to update new games to everyone.