After the success of the game Space Marshals brings, the Pixelbite publisher decided to continue to create an upgraded version of the so-called Space Marshals 2. It is known that this is a very well upgraded version after for a long time in quiet. Space Marshals 2 gameplay is similar to it comes to adventure and shooting, continues to revolve around cowboys in fierce battles, providing a great experience for players. The game is being released on both Android and iOS, with a capacity of 30MB for most smartphones today. If you are interested, can join us to learn the differences of Space Marshals 2 soon.


Space Marshals 2 for Android is set in outer space when Artemis is in space security. At this point, the Space Marshals are hijacked by powerful firepower, causing the ship to be severely damaged and members are taken to the planet Aurum Petram 55, an abandoned planet before. Fortunately, Agent Burton escaped, with intelligence and great skills. At this point, you will be transformed into a special character with a mission to find relief back and rescue his teammates are in the moment of life and death.


Space Marshals 2 for iOS is a trendsetting shooter game, hiding and displaying a great tactical mindset. With each level of play, you must find the way to kill all the enemies on the way to rescue his teammates. The player controls your character from above with a third view, allowing you to see enemies around and make decisions in a haphazard way. Control of the game is quite simple as other role-playing games, you can easily get acquainted in a short time. The left side of the screen controls the moving character, right to use the gun, bends down to hide or jumps over obstacles. It’s simple, right.

The highlight of this game are obstacles that help you to hide and find ways to defeat the enemy. Do not foolishly shoot bullets like crowded places, surely the enemy will detect and drag to a large, you can not return to the lead and lead to losing. You must exploit the enemy’s weaknesses, take advantage of appropriate positions and move wisely and sensibly. With these factors, you can kill each enemy in silence, to avoid being detected they cause serious consequences.

Note: You need to move skillfully to an enemy, and the character will use his hands to pinch his neck, killing without taking any bullets.

System of equipment and graphics eye-catching

During the game, your character can upgrade or unlock new powerful weapons after each leveling. This will allow you to kill enemies quickly when your weapon has more damage. On the move, players can also pick up essential items such as rifles, armors and space mines. With more than 70 weapons designed by the Pixelbite publisher, best suited to your hobby, there will be plenty of fun.

Besides, the 3D graphics of the Space Marshals 2 APK are visually displayed with a view from above, giving you the feeling of being in the world of the game. This is perhaps the most enjoyable feeling, as players experience each weekend.


If you’re a Space Marshals fan, Space Marshals 2 is a great fit for you. The game is very attractive and is a game that inherits the essence from the previous version. With the development in the past, has brought the perfect for players. You are a tactical shooter, and you will not miss the game Space Marshals 2.