After a lot of PUBG Mobile games launched in the last few years, publisher NetEase has continued to launch launched Identity V. The game is available on the Google Play store and App Store, with 661.7 MB is relatively heavy. Identity V is a famous horror genre game, highly rated in the past. With a relatively new and unique gameplay, promises to give people a great experience. Believe that, in the future, this game will attract a large number of players around the globe. And now, invite you to learn more about this game.

Introduce Identity V – Another version of Dead by Daylight

Identity V for Android simulates a cat and mouse chase, a frenetic killer and ill-fated explorer. In this game, you will get lost in a mysterious old village in the forest, which contains many mysterious things. At this point, you will become a detective, and the main task is to investigate the murder mystery. With the clues left, you need to track the blood to track down the culprit. The killer can appear with ghostly appearance, ready to kill you at any time when setting foot in this mysterious village. So many of you are curious who he is? a crazy, or a demon? Find the answer in Identity V.

Kill or be killed

Identity V for iOS owns a very new play, relatively similar to Dead Light. However, there are differences from the perspective of these two games. In fact, when you experience it will feel really scared and scary. Step into this game, you will be linked with 5 other players to form a team online. You can choose one of the two main roles as Killer or Survival, to join the battlefield horror.

You can not imagine, the killer in this game is crazy and brutal. His murderous homicide is extremely cruel, with many different ways: hang the victim on the chain, and watch them fight to the death. Actually, your task is very simple, just find other people to kill them. Try not to let them escape, otherwise, you will be the loser.

Control system

The most notable feature of this game is the extremely diverse control system. Compared to the previous horror games, where the keyboard of this game is optimized on mobile devices. But if you get used to it after a while, it’s simple and it feels much more interesting.

Become a brutal killer

Very interesting in this game, it is the brutal killings in many ways. If you are ready to assert yourself as a real killer, join into Killer all the guys you meet. When you are a killer, you are not afraid of anything, because you are the most feared person in this game.

Unique mode

If you are a Survival, you will never be able to attack Killer, and can only run. Try to live, is the main task to win the time the game takes place. Do not be fooled to race with Identity V, as you will never run faster than him. Use thinking and ability to hide to avoid being killed.

Note: The eyes can help you to mislead the killers, which can help you get rid of the dead. Therefore, you need to collect many eyes, if you do not want to die fast. Try to unlock the secret door, and win before Killer killed.

Graphics and sound

In the segment of graphics, Identity V APK owns the classic Gothic 3D graphics platform, with a bold design. Therefore, players can not expect beautiful and majestic scenery like other games. But instead, you experience the mystery and the dark, very scary feeling. Besides the sound system, it gives the feeling of death and scary, promising to create a great feeling.


In general, Identity V is a horror-oriented game, so it’s not for people with heart problems. However, those who want to experience the new feel can Download Identity V for Android, iOS free, to enjoy the horror of this game. Are you ready to explore the mysteries of this ancient and deadly village? If you’re ready, join the game right now.